You'll find lot's to enjoy here:
  "Yooper Hall of Fame" features people who grew up or lived in Marquette County and other areas of the U.P. who went on to realize their dreams!
  "Guess Da Doo-Hickey" is a contest in which you can win prizes by correctly guessing what the featured doo-hickey is.
  "Da Yoopers News Weekly" features happenings in our area that for some reason didn't make CNN.
"Yooper Puts out House Fire with Snowblower" and becomes a hero!
  "A Few Wally World Shoppers" features some of the unique people you'll find shopping at that wondrous center.
  "Crazy Pics" features images we've found that are hilarious, amazing and un doctored.
  Da Yoopers "Church of Perpetual Motion" features actual bulletin board and newspaper listings that were not worded properly.
  "Passed Out Drunk In Gumbyland" features pics we've found of people who have been "trashed" by friends after passing out from drinking.  "B.S. Boners and Beer" features funny, titillating and informative topics, perfect for reading while sitting on the john.
  "Yooper Hunting & Fishing Tales" features true tales written by all the guys and gals that stopped by our deer camp.
 "Da Yoopers School for da Truly Ungifted" may offer the education you've been looking for! The only requirement is that you have to show proof that you're a "D" student or less.
 "What Da Heck is a Yooper" will answer any questions for those of you who've always wondered.
 "Illusions of Da Mindless" features some interesting images that may trigger flash-backs for you Hippies that partied to much in the 60's and 70's.
 You'll be amazed at the situations people find themselves in with "Whoops, Wa Happen?" featuring real photos!
You'll gawk in total amazement at the real beer guts in "Da Beer Gut Contest."
  There's lots more; trivia, humorous facts, Yooper Babes & Hunks, Ishpeming info, etc.

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