Da Yooper's:
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A section devoted to topics that tantalize, titillate, tickle and tease our wondering carcasses. We recomend you set your computer up in the bathroom next to the toilet...this stuff is perfect for reading while taking a 
steaming dump!

1. Fun Things To Do When Bored NEW!
2. Why Men Prefer Dogs Over Women NEW!
3. "Senior" Personal ads
4. 60's and 70's Hits With New Lyrics for Those Feeling Older
5. How To Speak About Women and be Politically Correct
6. Top Ten Reasons Eve Was Created
7. Words Women Use
8. Drive Through ATM Procedures For Male & Female
9. "Definition Of Farts"
10. "How To Get Rid Of Tele Marketers"
11. "Stupidest Things Ever Said"
12. "Test To See If Your A "Real  Yooper Man"
13. "Zany Ways To Order A Pizza"
14. "A Fart By Any Other Name"
15. "What Our Names would Be If We Were Indian"
16. "I Guess I Didn't Know That"
17. "Guide For Driving In The Big City"
18. "Ever Wonder?"
19. "Musician Jokes"
20. "You Know Your Over Fifty When..."
21. "Statements Found in Yooper Insurance Company files"
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