Dis Could Be You...

...Back when all I did was play in a punk rock band and party; 1981-83, it seems we pranked someone just about every night. From pouring Palmolive in old farts drinks at the bar, to giving our past out friends total make over's by writing swastikas and obscenities with permanent marker on their faces and hands, rubbing tooth paste in their hair, shaving off half a mustache, smearing peanut butter in certain areas, putting their shirts or jackets on backwards, tying their shoelaces together, applying make up, and loading them into a vehicle and leaving them at their parents or girlfriends door step at 4 in the morning. We'd ring the bell or knock and hurry to the car then drive down the road and watch... some times the horror on the mother's faces when seeing their helpless siblings lying their smelling of vomit and alcohol and looking like a freak from hell would leave us in hysterics and tears for weeks.
...Here are a few picks of other victims who couldn't handle their liquor and subsequently paid the price. - Jim Bellmore

  Yooperville U.S.A.

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