Crazy Pics
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Here are some un-doctored pics we've found that we're sure you'll enjoy.
(you won't believe your eye-balls)

Finger lickin' GOOD!

For masters only..

Wonder if they have "Cream a Sung Yung Gai" on the menu.

Aint dat nice..

I've been introduced to Big Dick..

Sausage fest?

Yup, someone chose that name years ago..

My fave..

One way to advertise..

Lucky pooch..


Were they in on the double entendre?

See kid, this could happen to you...

The cop's have to be getting a kick outta this also...

I think we've found him...

Caught on the security camera, the people waiting for the elevator haven't noticed yet...

How cute! Sponge Bob goes with any attire..

Ingenious, or Idiotic?

The guys enjoyed this dog show...

Why did Elvis have to let himself go those last few years of his life?
So we could enjoy this type of spectacle for generations to come...

Crazy Pics
"Page 1 of 2"
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