Beer Gut Award

Da Yoopers are looking for the ultimate beer gut! 
It can belong to any guy any size. 
The beer gut has to have: 
"Shape, Form, Presence, Firmness and most of all Character." 
 These are the attributes that make a true beer belly great. 
Hoolie defines a Beer Gut Guy as someone who not only has the physical attributes of a champion, but shows it off by wearing a large size shirt when he should have a extra, extra, extra(XXX) large shirt on. This allows the material to hug the contours on the stomach and draw attention to the fabulous work of art that is a "Beer Gut".

Let the posing begin on Ultimate Beer Gut 2001!

Soo Locks Fest
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
June 29th, 2001

June 29th 2001 Ultimate Beer Gut contestants
(From left to right)
Carl Calhoun of Petoskey, Bill Beaudoin of Brimley, Larry Dumass of the Sault Ste. Marie 
and Terry House.


Terry displays his manly beer gut with pride
The audience becomes hypnotized!!!
Terry strategically directs the mesmerizing rays of the sun from his gleaming beer gut into the eyes of the susceptible audience...
He then commands, 

Ripon Good Guts!
Terry House Grabs the Jummie!
Proud Terry House receiving the Golden Jumbo award from Hoolie and Lynn. This award will enable him to have the bragging rights for the ultimate beer gut in the eastern part of Yooperland. Terry will be taking his prize home to Alaska, Michigan.

Hoolie and Terry House, winner of the June 29th 2001 Soo Locks Fest Beer gut contest. Behind them are a couple a' thousand Yooper diehards
We may have found the ultimate beer gut!

Bill Yaryan sent us this picture. We are transfixed by the beauty of his massive, monolithic appendage! We challenge anyone to top this one! 
Send a picture and we'll post it on our web site so thousands of viewers can also be mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

"And no, it is not morphed! That is all me!"   Bill Yaryan

Da Yoopers would like to thank everyone that participated in the contest. Remember, everyone 
is just a few hundred cans away from a beautiful, belt straining, belly of stone. 
Keep working on 'em.

Watch for more pictures and competitions in your area!

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