The Mystery Spot
Guess the Mystery Spot

Every year we have a contest at the Tourist Trap. The "game of the creative guess" involved a short trek down a narrow trail into the swamp behind the Museum. Upon arriving at the "Spot", adventurers stared deep into bowels of the mystery. After examining all the facts and details the site had to offer, our heros would stomp back to the Trap and place their best guess on a small piece of paper and drop it into a box. At the end of the season Hoolie plucked the papers from the box and awarded the prizes. We don't have to tell you what the "Mystery Spot" really was, because you'd be pretty stupid not to guess it from some of the weird answers we received. Here are some of the best of the thousands of guesses. 

The Top Three...

Something left behind by Bill Clinton after he heard Monica still had the blue dress.
- Name withheld for political reasons -

The Mystery Spot looks like the remains of the bacon soaked rag that my dog Buddy pooped out.
- Patty Greiner from Kewadin, Michigan -

At first I thought it was just sh-t, then I realized that the person who put it there must think it's really good sh-t, because people come back and look at it, then go back inside the store to answer this question and spend more money. WOW, this IS good sh-t. Any sh-t that can make you money must be good sh-t!
- Edith Moore from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada -

Some More Really Cools Answers...

Anyone can see it's a round patch of dirt. I want 100 dollars reward,
because somebody let a dog poop on the Mystery Spot.
- Paul Kellar from Evansville, Indiana -

Site of da first outhouse in da U.P..
- Evelyn Nykanen from Ishpeming, Michigan -

I think that it is a prehistoric Jilbert's cow tongue. Ha Ha Ha!
- Robyn Cook from Fresno, California -

Old man Peterson who got trapped in the Republic Mine tunneled his way to freedom and emerged from the earth at the Mystery Spot.
- Scott Bohlman -

How the U.P. got the idea of fudge for tourists.
- Cheri Tuller from Mayfield, Michigan -

The Mystery Spot is a relic of lost times. In an effort to keep the trolls from downstate away, da Yoopers layed these "landmines" in strategic locations around deer camps! The only problem was after adequate beer was consumed, the exact locations of these "mines" were forgotten, 
resulting in much profanity.
- Rob Naismith from Flint, Michigan -

Elvis droppings
- Kelly Embach from Rochester Hills, Michigan -

Where Mutty hid da 6 pack of beer.
- Kathy & Ed Underwood from Rhinelander, Wisconsin -

The Mystery Spot was the first innovated round outhouse. It had no holes, 360 degree ventilation and a sunroof. The makers went broke, due to the inability to use during long winters.
- Tony & Victoria Hill from Sussex, Wisconsin -

It's live sand that sucks you in, digests you and spits you out as poop!
- Kim Knutsson from Mukwonago, Wisconsin -

This is what you are if you don't stop in at Da Yooper's Tourist Trap when you're in the U.P..
- Ron Dula from Portage Lake, Ohio -

Place of the latest alien sighting by Da Yoopers
- Bill Blamer from Helin, Michigan -

The Mystery Spot is more then likely a place where an authentic UFO made
a hasty landing for a quick potty break!
- Frank Searight from Troy, Michigan -

Gut pile from a chipmunk left by a frustrated yooper deer hunter on the last day of deer camp.
P.S. I'm married to a yooper so I understand the culture. It only took me 21 years.
- Bill Hanson from Lake Mills, Wisconsin -

Site of the first outhouse in the U.P. - Later they discovered it wouldn't fill as fast
if they first dug a hole. (Who says Yoopers aren't smart?)
- Jamie Solka from Ishpeming, Michigan -

Venison converted.
- Jim Brown from Mosinee, Wisconsin -

Sorry I had to go. It was me.
- Anna Rutter from Remus, Michigan -

Your Mystery Spot is a load-a-crap.
- A. Linton from Campbellford, Ontario Canada -

Mystery Spot is nothing more then "Trail Blazing" signs that deer hunting Yoopers use
to mark their path in the woods.
- D. Hayes from Waterford, Michigan -

Mick Jagger's lips without lipstick!
- Laurie Van Sumeren from Grand Blanc, Michigan -

Recycled pasties.
- Pam Dove from Pelican Rapids, Minnesota -

I don't know but who really cares, we're from Detroit.
- Chris Kines from Carleton, Michigan -

It's an optical illusion.
- Jamie Bennett -

It looks like a big poop from my best hunting dog Rover.
- Jolene Garceau from Ishpeming, Michigan -

The large intestines of a Nematoad.
- Kate Stephen from Crown Point, Indiana -

The essence of man.
-Peter Sparks from Ypsilanti, Michigan -

A holding tank for all the bullsh-t you hand out here. (See how lush the grass is)
- Sue Wells from Rhinelander, Wisconsin -

It's troll Doo Doo! Stupid.
- K. Graff from Niagara, Wisconsin

Authertic Prehistoric Yooper Beer Battered Fish & Beer Turd. Found at Ishpeming's
first deer camp in 1846. It stayed entact cuz De Whiskey that they drank.
- Jim Barlow from Beach Park, Illinois -

Pop Tart that my kid ate yesterday.
- Robert Foote from Coldwater, Michigan -

Tell tale sign of Da Yooper Yeti.
- Dennis Sroka from Aurora, Illinois -

I think it's a place where a wife puts da husband in a fence, he dies and all that's
left is a true man, which is a turd.
- Unknown -

Circle Poo
- Marie Mekstrup from Cooks, Michigan - 

Thanks for playing. It's nice to know there's still a lot of twisted minds out there.


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