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Hello yoop-heads and cheese-heads! Jim Bellmore here...
We've had many requests from fans of our website to create a page for the purpose of showing off all the fine looking Yooper Women we have here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I thought this was a great idea, but I've decided to take it a step or two further.
At the bottom you'll find info on how to participate:

Kim Salo
Mike Johnson
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

                                                      Send In Your Pic!
1. Send in a pic (jpg, gif, tiff) of yourself modeling. The only rules are that there will be     no pics featuring nude models. Other then that, you may pose in a bikini, winter wear,     anyway you like. Give as much personal info as you like.
2. As you can see, all "Male Yooper Hunks" and a "Female Yooper Babes" welcome!
3. Be creative! Have fun! If your a male with a huge beer gut, great! If your a gal who     loves pizza and you have the curves to prove it, great! Dress up... funny, goofy or sexy (no nudes remember). Costumes or cross-dressing welcome!

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I will start placing pics on this page as they come in. Thanks! -Jim Bellmore


Da Yoopers



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