Trivia Contest for Diehards
Are you a Yoophead who has all Da Yoopers albums memorized?
Have you seen their live show?
Well, let's test your Yooper knowledge. Slap down as many correct answers as you can and Hoolie will take a look at 'em. Git a bunch of 'em right and you'll have a chance to win really cool stuff like:
A signed tour shirt, School for the Truly Ungifted hat, our latest CD and Video and more...

1. Michigan is broken up into two peninsulas, name them.

2.  On Weíre Still Rockiní , the guy was hot in his truck like what?

3. What does the guy in Fish Fight smell like?

4. Who in da band eats two pizzas a day?

5. What is Jerry Coffeyís nickname?

6. Who plays the characters Arnold and Arnie?

7. What is Dickie Byrd Bunces last name?

8. In Second Week of Deer Camp, what did Goofus kill the buck with?

9. In Beer Gut, what did his uncle use to carry his beer gut around in?

10. On Weíre Still Rockiní, what kind of fruit was Eino using to bait da deer?

11. On the album Yoopy Do Wah, who is the Yooper God of Snow?

12. Name two Yooper soul foods.

13. On the first album, Yoopanese, what kind of fish were running?

14. How many months late is the woman on the Yoopanese album?

15. On the Culture Shock album, what blew away on da guys car?

16. On Culture Shock, what did Yoopers ask the Governor for?

17. What did he send up to da U.P. instead?

18. On that same album, whatís the woman gonna look like if she doesnít stop eating?

19. In Beer Run, what town did the guys end up in?

20. What is the main topic of a lot of Yooper songs?

21. What is beer?

22. Who plays da Ta-Da-Daa in Da Yoopers School for the Truly Ungifted Marching Band?
 (Hint: His name rhymes with ìBarreledî)

23. If you live in Yooperland and you go visit the rellys in Troll Land, what do you gotta drive over?

24. What's Mickey D's popular sandwich called?

25. On Culture Shock , what did the Chiquitos fly off with?

26. On Camp Fever, where were the guys going when they got lost?

27. What road was the guy driving on in Yoopanese?

28. On Yoopanese, what was the name of the bar were the guy met the girl that was three months late?

29. The group sings about the Nite Crawler Boogie on Yoopy Do Wah. Whatís the song about?
 (Hint: three letter word)

30. On the Diehard album, who the hell is Fred?

31. Which album is Free Beer on?

32. What album contains the song Beer Gut?

33. What is Yooper Beer?

34. On Culture Shock, what canít the guy get enough of?

35. What is a Jummie?

36. On Yoopy Do Wah, what does the woman wake up to?

37. Whatís in her cup?

38. When the guy runs out of TP on Yoop It Up, what did he use to wipe wit?

39. On Culture Shock, how many shots from the town hall cannon did it take to kill the pig?

40. Who did the girls ma tell her to marry on Culture Shock?

41. What do guys become when they past 50?

42. On the album Camp Fever, what did the guy wake up face down in?

43. On Yoopy Do Wah, how many empties did the guy have in the woodshed?

44. What year is it ?

45. On Yoopy Do Wah, what is Bruno cooking that smells like Mungoís feet?

46. Who does the mans brand new wife look like on Yoopy Do Wah?

47. On Weíre Still Rockiní , whoís house did the guy bring his gay dog to?

48. What town are the Vampire Surfiní Girls on  Weíre Still Rockiní from?

49. Whatís the one thing that keeps all Yoopers equal? (Hint: Itís cold and ya gotta shovel it)

50. On Jackpine Savage, at what bar did they hold Lynn's graduation?

51. What da heck is da song Ooga Booga Melody about?(Jackpine Savage album)

52. What other sport, beside bowling, can you play with a beer in your hand?

53. It takes the guy 2 or 3 days to get to what town on his Snow Rocket?

Now, just email us the answers along with your name,address and phone and we'll let you know if you're a finalist!


How'd ya do?
Do you feel like a Yooper Trivia God?
We'll tally your score and let you know if you're in the upper crust of Yooper trivia buffs.
Tune in and we'll keep you posted on who the Kings of Knowledge are.

Thanks for playing...

Yooperville U.S.A.

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