"Hoolie's U.P. Wildlife & Nature Photos" features Fall and wildlife pics snapped by Hoolie while traveling the U.P.
  You'll also see butt-naked Yoopers jumping into a hole on a frozen lake in the middle of winter (Conrad's Super Bowl Party), pics of the varied and unique visitors from all over the world we get here at The Trap (Winter & Summer Visitors to Da Trap), the goings on at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap (Da Home Front Photos), to the making of a our video "It's About Time, Eh!" (Behind The Scenes Photos).
  We have a lot of fun here at The Trap and on the road, but for every hour of fun there's five hours of work that goes into making it all happen. If you have pics of yourself along with family and friends visiting our store or meeting Da Yoopers at a gig, send 'em and I'll place them on our site!
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