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Summer & Fall visitors to
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Many of our visitors to The Tourist Trap are Yoopers who had to leave Yooperland to find work (Yooper Transplants). They come back to the Mother Land whenever possible to get a transfusion of clean Yooper air, visit their relatives and eat pasty.

Here's Hoolie along with a visitor to Da Tourist Trap/Rock Shop who showed us his preferred method of protection from both the virus and gaseous emissions.

Here's Claire Kafen and Craig Kohring of Seattle, WA.
"Came to look for Lake Superior Agates!"

Here's Hoolie along with Gary and Mary Louzensky of Kelly Lake.
"This is the only tourist trap that we've been back to three times!

Here's Hoolie along with a visitor and his pet Duck! The duck came into the store, was well behaved
and obviously makes a wonderful pet!

Here's Tina and Charles Thomas and Ben Hammond of Midland, MI along with Dani Rebhumo of Shephard, MI.
"We loved the area!"

Here's Jessica and Conner Morris of Flint, MI along with Whitney Ellard, and Andrew Pierce of Laeer , MI.
"Visiting family in Gwinn, camping etc!"

Here's a closeup of Whitney and Andrew's beautiful Tattoos!

Here's Jaxon H and Kayda N of Salem, WI along with Jimmy A of Trevor, WI.

Here's Tanya and Chandler Brown of Negaunee, MI along with Sade and Kennedy Rodregez of Sandego, CA.

Here's Charlie, Kristie, Sulli and Bella Holdorph of Flushing, MI.
"Vacationing from down state, enjoying the falls and hiking in the U.P."

Here's Tim, Gracelyn and Alyuna Crossett of Northfield, VT.
"Sasquatch hunting in the U.P.!"

Here's Debi Pilkington of Marquette, MI along with Missy Rodgers of Ionia, MI.
"Visiting family."

Here's Abbey Carlson of Grand Rapids, MI, Kaleigh Carlson of Geneva Switzerland and Laura Carlson of Chicago, IL.
"Visiting our Dads Dan & Brian Carlson at the camp."

Here's James and Tammy of Fall Creek, WI along with Sheila of  Winona, MN

Here's Tawnya Churchill and Amanda Zaier of Grayling, MI
"Enjoying a Day Road Trip."

Here's Janet Purwin and Janice Cook of Grand Haven, MI along with Mary Lou Shepard of Nanica, MI.
"Enjoying our 'Girls Weekend' in the U.P."

Here's Cody, Amber, Jacob and CJ Sanchez along with Madison and Micheyla Whitten of Wayland, MI
"Visiting family - Liguia's - Roland & Donna."

Here's Zack and Laura Suarez of Clarkston, MI.
"Originally from the Suomi location, enjoying coming back to the U.P. Best place to live!"

Here's Dave & Terri Vilona of Tacoma, WA, Lee & Jackie Brown of Lawton, OK and Rick & Kathy Bean of Kenasha, WI.
"Enjoying our family reunion!"

Here's Ian, Lisa & Lachlyn Grassoff of Stevens Point, WI.
"Spending time at our favorite Great Lake!"

From left to right, here's Paul Thatcher, Damon Thatcher, Bigfoot, Lil' Foot and Josh Thatcher.
Paul and the lads are from Trenton, MI. He's visited the Trap many times, first time for the kids though. He loves Yooperland and the friendly folk always make him feel welcome.

Here's Hoolie along with four members of NSRD (North Star Roller Derby) from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Say hello to Pop Roxie #11, Lemony Kick-it #1313, Judgement Bae #14 and Saltine #58.
Hoolie introduced himself by telling them they looked too cute to be Roller Derby Girls. That's when they each introduced him to a few moves... Hoolie later exclaimed that the jay-block hurt the worst... and that his throat is still bent a lot, a lil' bit.

Feast your eyeballs on these beauties!
A Muscle Car Club stopped by the Trap today!

Here's Judy and Don Landers of Visalia, CA. along with the Great Danes; Regis, Elliott and Sterling.
"Vacationing and enjoying Da Yoopers Tourist Trap!"

Here's all three; Regis, Elliott and Sterling (notice the license plate).

Here's Ron and Bobbie Veen of Nigtevecht, Netherlands and Nancy and Tom Polkinghorne of Champion, MI along with Hoolie in the middle. Tom plays a mean sax and an even meaner clarinet, and Hoolie and I are working on our latest album, so we'll be getting Tom in the studio soon to put some iceing on da cak, eh!

Here's Patricia Carrott (she speaks the Queen's English perfectly) of   Wiltshire, England, along with her Daughter-in-law Alana Carrot of Maquette, MI. Alana brought Patricia to Da Yoopers Tourist Trap so she could get a feel for the humor and "Yooper" aspect of the U.P.

Here's Sonja, Larissa, Tamara and Thomas from Dresden, Germany.

Here's one of many groups of bikers visiting Da Trap this Summer!

Here's Craig Lankki of Coon Rapids, MN and Pam Varner of Ramsey, MN.
(getting the bikes out and enjoying our vacation!)

Here's Mike Clements and Daryl Henderson of Bay City, MI.
(Just visiting good ole Yooperland!)

Here's Vince and Luda Mueller along with Melanee Zahn, Nic, Molly, Alli, Lilly and Caitlin Lawso
from Grand Haven, MI
"We make sure to stop here every time we visit the area."

Here's Chrissie Wollam of Newberry, MI. Kelsey Whittaker of Kalamazoo, MI. Sable Johnson of Detroit, MI. and Stephanie Strong of Marquette, MI.
from Grand Haven, MI

Here's Martin and Edith Schulthess of Chur, Switzerland.
"We're doing the loop around the Great Lake Superior!"

Here's Sandy and Fred Kane of Williamston, MI. along with Dave Gaszett and
Karen Gregg of E. Lansing, MI.
They brought us an issue of The Times Herald featuring us in an artical by Kathleen Lavey, Lansing State Journal - titled
"Traps? Nah! 4 Great Michugan Tourist Spots." Click Here to View online!

Traps? Nah! 4 Great Michugan Tourist Spots - featuring Da Yoopers Tourist Trap!
The Times Herald - by Kathleen Lavey, Lansing State Journal

Here's David Miller (along with his wife Martha - she's shopping in the Trap) from N. Manchester, IN.
He's pulling a Gypsy Ledge Vardo, built by he himself! Size 12' x 7' Fitted with a queen size bed and more!
"We love the U.P."

Another view of David Miller's Gypsy Ledge Vardo, built by he himself!

Yet another view of David Miller's Gypsy Ledge Vardo, built by he himself!

Here's Leitha White Hawk of Rosebud S.D. - "came to be with the beautiful people up here (-: "
Ioana Iliut of Transylvania, Romania and Jeniva Makowska of Weilheim, Germany -
"beautiful landscape."

Here's me clerking while Hoolie snaps a few pics last Friday (8/7/15). There was plenty of foot traffic and sales!
Rock Knockers - Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

Here’s Kay and Ken Kruse of Marysville, KS.
"RV Touring the in the cool country."

Here’s Melissa Bowman, Diana Caldwell and Jen Umphlett of Morgantun, NC.
"Also with them is Junior. Vacationing/visiting friends"

Here’s Keith, Melissa, LJ, Austin, Makavla and Kelsey of Kalamazoo, MI
"Extended family vacation; great to be North!"

Here’s Sara and Tiffany - 2015 Summer Camp in NMU of  USA - along with four Professors and
their students representing the

Here's Hoolie along with Ron Koster of Gwinn, MI.
During his childhood years Ron's family visited the U.P. often. Years later he decided to make Yooperland his home... pretty cool eh!
Hoolie spotted Ron with one of our shirts he and I designed and have sold to many gift shops across the U.P.

Here's Michelle Dodge (center) of Camanche, Iowa -"visiting parents and love the yard here at Da Store!"
along with Carrie Godreau of Westland, MI
"love da Trap!"

Here's Addison Garza of Decatur, MI
Garza walked into the Tourist Trap wearing one of our Yooper Innovation hats she purchased at the famous Quincy Mine Museum in Hancock, MI !

Here's Sikkria, Clint and Josiah Ruckee of Cedarville, IL.
"Young and living life in Yooperland."

Here's former Negaunee boy and fellow musician Steve Kinnunen and his son (his name wasn't written down) of Waukesha, WI along with Hoolie.
"Visiting friends and family."

Here's Destynie, Clemey and Randy Hanson, Amanda Story and Pat and Ellen Morony of South Beloit, IL along with Arnold Tele Baars of Bergland, MI.
"Arnold takes everyone that visits him in Bergland to the Trap. He said Da Tourist Trap is one of the Seven Wonders of Yooperland."

Here's Helen Pepin of Ishpeming, MI, Kathi & Antone Sims of Memphis, TN, along with Steven, Terrance and Tai Sims of Ft. Knox, KY.
"Enjoying the Pepin Family Reunion."

Here's Charlie Van Beynen of Negaunee, MI, Ines, Jens, George and Jakob Heiduk of Hassfort, Baveria Germany, Marie Heiduk of Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germanyand Akyam (sorry, could not read the last name) of Yemen.
"Enjoying our vacation!"

Here's Martin, Gerri and Cuinsey Murphy of Arlington, SD, Rick, Robin, Ben and Jake Murphy of
Kansas City, MO and Peggy Hanzlik of Chamberlain, SD.
"Enjoying our visit at Da Trap and can't wait to hear our CD by Da Yoopers!"

Here's Hoolie’s along with his long lost relative Wayne Decaire of  Winnapeg, Canada
(originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada). After reading Hoolie's name on the sign out front, Wayne came in and asked if he could ne introduced to his fellow DeCaire. There's definitely a resemblance!

Here's Andy and Judy Steffen of Mt. Calvary, WI, Kim and Keith Price of New Holsten, WI, Ron and Nicole Schualler of Kiel, WI and Bob and Lori Olson of Chilton, WI.

Here's me (Jim Bellmore) along with Annitta Hostetler of Niles, MI, Laurie Woolsey of Dowagia, MI and Mikayla Georgia of Buchanan, MI.

Here's Hoolie along with Oscar Elfgren of  Townsend, MT.
Oscar is a professional Santa and has worked all over the country as a "Santa's Helper."
"Visiting friends in Wisconsin - passing through da U.P."

Here's Jahmirieon Johnson, Dominic Smith, Kyrnn Porter and Laurence Kirk of Detroit, MI.
"Up for Summer School Program."

Here's Chris Chilson, Alex Loney and Tim, Andrew, Kyrstin, Alex, Jill and AlyssaTallman of Fife Lake, MI.
"Camping at State Park, sight seeing, etc."

Here's Hoolie Tim and Bobbi Ross of Cincinnati, OH.
Tim is a huge fan of Da Yoopers. He requested that Hoolie and I autograph his Da Yoopers CD's he had just purchased here at the trap. The very last of his Da Yoopers cassettes from the late 80's had pooped out on the drive from Cincinnati.
"Big fan of Da Yoopers and Da U.P."

Here's Lilly, Sunni. Tim and Lamar Porttula of Lusby, Maryland.
"Visiting family."

Here's Bill and Cricket Nelson of Birch Run, MI.
Hoolie asked Bill for his opinion on this Summer's weather.
"I'm a husband... I have no opinion! ... unless my wife gives me one in the morning" Bill replied.

Here's Dalaija, Stanton and Dalton Trumbue of Cement City, MI.
"Here for annual Kangas family reunion. We come every other year and stay at Van Riper State Park."

Here's Leigh Ann and Steven Sharp of Gibson City, IL.
"We visit the family up here every Summer."

One of our busy Summer days here at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap!

Here's Laurie and William Sweltzer of Kalamazoo, MI. Paul and Cody Schultz of Audban, MN. and Jake Schultz and Melissa Olson of Gobles, MI.
"Visiting family."

Here's Mike Stoffregan, Tom Suprenand and Gordon Chmielewski of Fon du lac, WI.
"Takin' da tour of da U.P. on our bikes."

Here's Carol Shook of Champion, MI. along with Chad and Samantha Shook of Grand Rapids, MI.
"Visiting family at our cottage."

Here's Gaile, Joanie, Gabrielle and Garrison Vandenberg along with Ralph and Linda Mocine of Hortonville, WI.
"Visiting daughter and son-in-law in Republic, MI."

Here's Charlie, Kathy and Tazzy of Green River, WY along with Greg, Tabtha, Travis and Ashley of Phelps, WI.

Here's Rima kourliandtchik, Jason Petrie, Randi Ouellette and Dominic Calzetta of Detroit, MI.
"Here to see my goofy Yooper family."

Here's Lisa, Ethan and Megan Wing of Dexter, MI.
"Visiting Yooper relatives"

Here's Eric, Shelly, Ashlie and Derek Dotson along with Ashley Burks of Green Bay, WI.
"Seeing the U.P. in our GMC"

Here's Ray, Nina and Violet Hansen of Rogers City, MI.
"Transplanted Yoopers gettin' closer to da U.P. Now only 1 hour south of the bridge"

Here's Francy, Amanda and Kathy of Grand Rapids, MI.
"Vacationing - visiting family in Big Bay"

Here's Jill and Timothy Weingarten of Marquette, MI. along with Jimmy and Amy Belew of Toney, AL.
"Jimmy and Amy are visiting the U.P. for the first time"

Here's Nathan and Hetty Boedigheimer along with their children; Brandon, Seth, Haley and Lee of Jacksonville, FL.
"We visit Grandpa in Ironwood every year for the 4th! Da Yoopers store is a must! It's a fun family stop and has the best Yooper gifts!"

Here's Don, Kim Josh and Nate McKeel of Dewitt, MI.
"Don is working in Ishpeming for the Summer. Family is visiting him for the weekend"

Here's Dan, Katie and Wyatt Riley of Grand Rapids, MI.
"Attending NMU"

Here's Randy and Nan Frechen of Fowler, MI.
"Putting in a sh-tter and fishing at the camp in Lake St. Johns - Republic, MI."

Here's Dean, Shar, Chelsea and Joshua Kruse of White, SD.
"Have to come get our fix of pasty and Jilberts Ice cream
(sneaking some home in the cooler)"

Here's Hoolie along with Jacob Pickel of Cadillac, MI and Bill Perry of Midland, MI.
"We enjoyed visiting Da Trap. Hoolie asked us if he looked hip and cool wearing his 'Rapper Hat.' We told him that we guessed he did "

Here's Brandon and Tyler Madder along with Randy and Kristie Noll of Port Washington, WI.
"Visiting family in Ishpeming and Narquette."

Here's Teal Swanson of Denver, CO. along with Connor Swanson and Jessie Holbrook
of Littleton CO.
"Visiting family in Ishpeming."

Here's Jeannine Ribeau and Leo Shubrooke of P. Quebec, Canada.

Here's Matt, Kaylyn and Matthew Dutinen, Becky Woodworth and Samara, Michael and Ryan Rivas of Harrison, MI.
"Visiting family - vacationing in Chassell, MI. "

Here's Nicole, Keisha and Janessa Castillo, Leena, Justin and Keira Larosa and Amber Lopota of Port Huron, MI.
"Amber and Nicole attend NMU. Rest is visiting family."

Here's Rebecca Krauseit Sykalak and Miranda Larocque of Milwaukee, WI.
"On Vacation."

Here's Bob, Lekicia, Todd and Cata Butler of West Branch, MI.
"Vacationing to fish and look for rocks."

Here's Robyn Johnson of Phoenix, AZ, Jamie Byykkonen of Princeton, MN and Angela Grangroth of Big Lake, MN.
"Visiting family and friends (parents grew up in Ishpeming, MI "

Here's Hayley Laitinen and Magnus, Dana Jr., Shannon and Victoria of Pottsboro, TX along with Dana Sr and Sandra Laitinen of Gordonville. TX.
"Visiting family."

Here's Rick Guerne and Jody Yoder along with Leah and Randi Nelson
of Bear Lake, MI.
"Here to meet some nice Yoopers!"

Here's Jim Miciunas and Michelle Carrillo of Chicago, IL .
"Grandparents have had a cabin in Republic since before we were born... AMAZING vacation spot!"

Here's Satish Madala of India along with Barbara Scheur of San Antonio, TX
(the other gal didn't leave her name)
"Visiting friends."

Here's Ryan Porter and Daniella Antilla of Orlando, FL.
"Visiting family."

Here's Betty Ann Quayle of Suffolf, VA and Patrick Banks of Virginia Beach, VA.
"40 year class reunion and showing a Virinian that there is a U.P. of Michigan."

Here's Cory and Max Mitchell along with Morgan, Kyra, and Dominic Colonna of Grand Juncyion CO.
"Visiting family and friends."

Here's Fritz Friess of Swartz Creek, MI, David Kart of Ishpeming, MI
and Jack Spring of Fenton, MI.

"Fritz and Jack are visiting David in the middle of their bike (hog) tour of the U.P."
Below are picks of Fritz and Jacks vests...



Here's Jason and Libby Barna - Bloomington, IL
"On Summer vacation... University employees get that too!"

Here's Quinn, and Eli Allaben - Phoenix, AZ
along with Asher and Julian Nejezchleb - Asheville, NC.
"We think the stuff like Big Gus and Big Ernie are COOL!"

Here's the Dale and Corrinna Miller family - Freetown, IN
"Vacationing and love Da Yoopers! Was stationed at K.I. Sawyer before it closed."

Here's Jodie Maguire with Miss Pickles, Katie and Taylor Maguire
with Daisey Mae - Chase, MI
Larry Buffin with Doby and Vicki Buffin with Blizzy Bear and Foxy - Big Rapids, MI
"Visiting and enjoying Da Yoopers Tourist Trap"

Here's Aidan, Iva, Alex and Margy of Cincinnati, OH (originally England
and Bulgaria.
"Visiting Michigan as the latest state in our tour of Union 45/50 visited in five years."

Here's Marie, Kirsten, Rachel, Kaitlyn and Sophie Hoffmann along with Lisa and William Niemi of Apple Valley, MN.
"Full circle around Lake Michigan - visiting family."

Here's Tim, Shane, Jake and Marybeth Hillmon of Grand Rapids, MI.
"Walleye fishing for a week at Lake Gogebic. WE SLAYED 'EM!"

Here's Jim and Marlys Nettesheim of Oregon, WI.
"Camping, Biking, Hiking, Kayaking. We also wanted to go on the Mine Tour, but missed it because we were on Central time."

Here's Allen Crum of Novi, MI along with Michaela Polster of Marquette, MI.
"Just checking out the Rock Shop!"

Here's Maxwell King of Northville, MI
He's enjoying the U.P. with his family.
"Hi Hunter. GET A HAIRCUT!"


Here's Lexi, Tyler and Zach Portner of Ashland, OH
They're visiting the U.P. and having a great time.

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Summer visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap


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