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Summer visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

Many of our visitors to The Tourist Trap are Yoopers who had to leave Yooperland to find work (Yooper Transplants). They come back to the Mother Land whenever possible to get a transfusion of clean Yooper air, visit their relatives and eat pasty.

Here's Vicki, Lukas, Brianna and Scott Davison of Fowlerville, MI
along with Ardyth Davison and Colleen and Gabrielle Shields of Gregory, MI
They're visiting family in Mohawk, MI


Here's a friendly group of Bikers from central lower Michigan. They couldn't wait to visit Da Yoopers Tourist Trap and view Big Ernie and Big Gus.


The Baranski's.
Sterling Heights, MI
"Dropping off son at NMU in Marquette."


Here's Charlotte (Johnson) Cito of Lake Orion, MI.
"Was born in Marquette, moved down state in 1955. I'm back visiting my daughter Dawn and also my Aunt Pat Johnson in Skandia."


Here's Terry and Tara Eitt along with Kaity Robyns of Sparta, MI.
"Touing the U.P."


Here's Mike Hoover of Stevensville, MI, Dan Riippa of Battle Creek, MI and Derek Riippa of St. Joseph, MI.
"Heading to Copper Harbor."


Here's Brianne Rogers of Saginaw, MI along with Samantha Feicano
of Marquette, MI.
"Enjoying the U.P. and Da Yoopers Tourist Trap."

Here's Bill and Nevada Terentiuk along with Jo-Anne Marois
of Haileybury, Ontario Canada.
"Enjoying the U.P."


Here's Dan Baker from Ypsilanti, MI.
along with Michael Vaculik of Ann Arbor, MI.
Dan says, "HI GRANDPA,"
and Mike says, "HI DAN!"


Here's Dana and Jeremy Mellgren of Cambridge, MN.
"Traveling thru from Ontario, Canada."


Here's Joel and Janet LaRue of Whitehall, MI.
"Visiting son at MTU."


Here's .. uh.. sorry people, I seemed to have misplaced your names.. if you see this, email me at youguys3@charterinternet.com

thanks! -Bella


Here I am with Robin, Karry, Alisha, Dale Jr and Dale Anderson; along with Marci Vieau from Afton, MI.

"Howdy All!"


Here's Bambi and Harold Pumphrey along with their children; Jacob, Christian and Trinity. Bambi and Harold met in Florida, lived in Delaware for a few years and have "finally found home" here in Ishpeming, MI.


Here's Mike Pugh, Sue Stein and Jean Street from Racine, WI..


Here's Max and Don Menerey along with Rachel Beckham from Sault Ste. Marie, MI.


Here's Jeff and Tammy Woodring from Rothbury, MI

"UP and Good Times, eh!"


Here's Jane Padron from Kennesaw, GA.

"You must see the Cliff Shaft Mine!"


Here's Donna and Kim Sanford of AuGres, MI.
"Dropping off son at MTU."


Here's Donalo and Susan Davis of Painesville, OH.
"Visiting children and grandchildren."


Here's Jonathan, Erinn and Nicklas Steede of Ishpeming, MI.
"Shopping at Da Tourist Trap."


Here's Sue Ann and Dale Walker from Metamora, MI.
"Enjoying the color tour."


Here's Doris Jonas and Kevin Muldrew from Orlando, FL and Jan Dawkins from Pompano, FL.
"Visiting friends and Camp Uptown Antlers."


Here's Amy & Justin Baum; Green Bay, WI, Bill Baum: Escanaba, MI, Brooke & John Kleis: MuKwonago, WI, Jerry and Holly Van; Peshtigo, WI and Brent and Kathy Baun also from Peshtigo, WI.


The "Motor State Street Rods" club from lower Michigan decided to tour the U.P. They stopped at the trap for a bit of shopping.
The next page features pics of their hot-rods..






Here's John Schlager from West Branch, MI. He's touring the U.P. with friends from the "Motor State Street Rods" club. He owns the 75 Pontiac in the above photo..





Here's Jim Stock from Ann Arbor, MI. He's touring the U.P. with friends from the "Motor State Street Rods" club. He owns the 37 Ford in the above photo.


I'll be adding more pics in the weeks to come!
Don't blow your pasty if your name is incorrectly spelled!

Simply email me the correct spelling and I'll be glad to fix it. 



Here's Angelina & Damon Trecha along with Michael Capistrant from Big Lake, MN. They're here for their family reunion..


Here's Angie & Scott from Leesburg, VA, along with Jenny, & Cheyenne Brady from Bradhead, WI. They're here visiting Grandpa Dan (he's the man!).

"Wish I lived up here!" -the little gal


Here's Mike and Connie from Attica, MI along with Jack and Celeste
from Elk Rapids, MI.

"Enjoying the weather and the U.P."


Here's Charman, Diana and Logan Cruseturner, along with Mary Caldrell from Lake Chales, Louisiana.

"Great weather, great fun!"


Here's Bill Bush from Sudbury, Ontario. He's been looking for red metal up in the Copper Country.

"Hello to the people of CCRMC! (Copper Country Rock & Mineral Club)"


Here's Eric, Tara, Holly, Abby & Samantha Moore of Gaylord, MI. at Da Tourist Trap
...on Vacation..


Here's Mary & Gary Bauer of Crestwood, KY. at Da Tourist Trap
visiting relatives in the area...


Here's a fine couple sitting in our "Finnish Love Seat" at Da Tourist Trap

Hoolie isn't impressed with Bonica's medals...he told her, "I could do that!, just look at these guns!"

Bonica gives Hoolie a few lessons in humility while Hoolie screams, "UNCLE!"

Youngest Female To Eclipse the 500-Pound Squat Lift
Battle Creek, MI
Weight Lifting
 Bonica Brown, a senior this fall at C-S High School, Battle Creek, MI, earned three gold medals, a silver, placed first in her weight category and won a Champion of Champions trophy at the North American Powerlifting Championships at the James L. Knight Convention Center in Miami June 18th and 19th. But perhaps her biggest accomplishment was her world record lift in the squat of 501 1/2 pounds.

The squat total makes Bonica the youngest female to eclipse the 500 pound plateau and puts her in a category of only a select few in any age category who have recorded a 500-pound squat lift.

She garnered international attention recently by bringing home four gold medals from the 2004 World Jr. and Sub Jr. Powerlifting Championships in Pretoria, South Africa Sept. 8-12. Brown earned gold medals in the deadlift, squat, bench and for a total weight, helping the U.S. Women's Team to a first place finish at the event. Her team scored 57 points, Russia was second with 48 points and Ukraine third with 44 points.

Bonica had reset the world record in her weight division (198 pounds) two previous occasions with lifts of 473 3/4 pounds and 479 1/2 pounds before recording the 501 1/2 lift for a gold medal. She also earned a gold medal in the bench with a world record mark she reset at 264 1/2 pounds (the world record mark was 248 pounds. The talented powerlifter earned a silver medal in the deadlift with a lift of 385 3/4 pounds and had a total weight of 1152 3/4 pounds for a gold medal.

She also earned the Champion of Champions trophy, which is given to a weight lifter based on a formula of how much the person lifts are according to their weight.

Bonica will now prepare for the Sub. Jr. Worlds Competition in Indiana in September.

JUNE 25, 2021 UPDATE!

Bonica Brown Wins Gold On Back To Back Days
2006 C-S Graduate Unofficially Resets Her Own World Record

    Bonica won gold at the 2021 USAPL Classic Raw Nationals at Daytona, Florida last Friday and then turned around and won a gold medal at the 2021 USAPL Equipped Nationals the following day.
    Having to lift in back to back USAPL events has never been done, but Bonica's mother; Pam Brown, said the second event was held the following day because of covid. Typically, the meets are months apart.
    At Saturday's event Bonita recorded a squat lift of 235.5 Kilos/650.4 Lbs; Bench pressed 210 Kilos/463 Lbs, had a Deadlift of 232.5 Kilos/513 Lbs, and a total weight of 737.5 Kilos/1,625.89 Lbs.
    At the 2021 USAPL Classic Raw Nationals at Daytona, Florida last Friday she recorded a squat lift of 276 Kilos/608.47 Lbs, which is an American record. She also had a bench press lift of 155 Kilos/341.71 Lbs and a dead lift of 240 Kilos/529.1 Lbs for a total weight of 671 Kilos/1479.28 Lbs.The C-S graduate beat her own world record in the squat at the USAPL Equipped Nationals with a lift of 276 Kilos a short time after another lifter had eclipsed Bonica's record with a lift of 275.5 Kilos.
    Her previous World Record is 273 Kilos, however a lifter can not set World records unless they are competing at the Worlds event.

 Here's Tara Weston from Atlanta, Georgia 
with Gracie Weston (little girl behind here) from Ishpeming, Michigan...
Tara is visiting her brother and enjoying the wonder of it all 
here at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

 Here's Josh, Anna and April Gremel, along with Lynette and Bill Eremia from Unionville, Michigan
That's Hoolie da head Yooper in da middle, eh....
They are here in the U.P. enjoying the late summer snow

 Here's Nick and Tara MaCartney from Duluth, Minnesota, 
and Jerry Kreay and Rick Pohanku from Duluth, MN...
Dat's Lynnie-poo behind them....
Up visiting friends

 Here's John and Marilyn Moore from Milford, Michigan...
Taking a brake from the hassle of it all

 Here's Suerie, Reena, Amon, Paul, Tony, and Nils 
on a post-Princeton graduation cross country road trip...
Here's were the gang's now residing;
Suerie – Congo, Reena – DC, Amon – DC, 
Paul – London, Tony – NYC, and Nils – Boston

Let's see if dis ting works!
Hay Nils, you be da log and we'll operate da saw...sound good ole' pard?

Reena has a ting for Yooper Miners...

Here's Hoolie with Tony and 
da gang...

While taking a dump, Nils takes a peek at da Buck's naked women book...

Amon decides to help da Buck out a little bit, pretty much...
Here's Hoolie with his cousin 
Jeffrey DeCaire and family

(above and right)
Seth Anderson in 
Yooper - 2nd Week of Deer Camp attire...
Traverse City, Michigan
Liza and Dan Smith
from Rockford, Michigan
(On their honeymoon)
Roberto and Pat from Chicago, Illinois 
up visiting Ray of Skandia, Michigan
(And looking for Yooper Babes)

Bill and Virginia Sonier
from Crystal and Lanse, Michigan
and Lillian Madden
from Onaway, Michigan

click to view larger image)
(not necessarily in this order)
(This persons writing was very hard to decipher, I'm sure some of these names are misspelled, please send correct spelling)
Todd and Judy Aylin - Brillion, WI, Deb and Gary Anhalt - New Halstein, WI, Sandy and John Byrnes - Chilton, WI, Qynn and Mary Beelle - New Halstein, WI, Lerroy and Verlene Hauess - Brillion, WI, Spundy and Melly Maggi, Elly Mae, Tiffany
"We are on vacation viewing the fall colors"

Jim and Vicki Jonas
from Seattle, Washington
(Taking an American tour on the back roads)

(click to view larger image)
(not necessarily in this order)
(some of these names may be misspelled, please send correct spelling)
The Kruhak family: Boris, Draga, Igor and Jasmina from Croatia
and Dawn from Kingsford, Michigan 
(family visiting for wedding of Dawn and Igor)
(left photo)
(not necessarily in this order)
Rich and Cheryl Duysen 
from Moorhead, MN
and Murray and Roberta Duysen
from Fargo, ND
(not necessarily in this order)
Jerry and Lori Kobishop
and Tami, Mike and Jonathan Tiplee
from Peshtigo, Wisconsin
They're here to camp and are also taking part in the Barnes and Hecker Mine 
Disaster Dedication
Sherry and Mike Nelsen (natives of Michigan) 
with friends Sharen and Carlton Anderson 
(Foreigners from Illinois)
Touring famous sites
Bruce, Judy, Tanya and Tessa Burgess
from Grand Haven, Michigan
"We are visiting a Professor 
at Michigan Tech"
Robbin Mackay-Hunt
and Theresa Mackay
from Livonia, Michigan
Came up to Yooperland for Wedding 
and to bum around
Jeff and Donna Bourcier
from Mount Rose, Michigan
Just bumming around

Lora (from Denver, Colorado) Ann (from Boston, Massachusetts) and Sharon from Grand Rapids, MI) are on an excursion to find Moose, Bear and copper. 
They are originally from Gaylord, Michigan
Amy, Sarah, Holly and Tom Vaness
from the great U.P. capital of 
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Just hanging out"
Hoolie with Craig Michaels; 
President of Remudo Records
from Berrien Springs, Michigan
originaly from Ironwood
"Bumming around"
Rival and Frank Decaire
(Hoolie's lost relatives)
from Gaines, Michigan
Up visiting family in Escanaba 
and bumming around
Peter, Carol, Amy and Jonathan Van Steen along with there pets Jesse and Riley
from Gladstone, Michigan
Camping in the Keweenaw
Bonnie and Sam Milligan
from Walled Lake, Michigan
"Touring the Upper Peninsula on 
our Honeymoon"

Chuck and Becky Twididell
from Mesquite, Texas
Visiting Brother in U.P.
I'll be adding more pics in the weeks to come!
Don't blow your pasty if your name is incorrectly spelled!

Simply email me the correct spelling and I'll be glad to fix it. 


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Summer visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap


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