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Summer visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

Many of our visitors to The Tourist Trap are Yoopers who had to leave Yooperland to find work (Yooper Transplants). They come back to the Mother Land whenever possible to get a transfusion of clean Yooper air, visit their relatives and eat pasty.

Bob and Myra
from Iion River, Michigan 
and Bill and Barb
from Alma, Michigan
Visiting Mom and Dad in Ishpeming
(not necessarily in this order)
Drew Finbeiner, Tyler Boerson, Brian Preston and Tony Dalisio
from Haslett, Michigan

Rex and Shirley Johnson
from Clare, Michigan
Keith and Jeramie Beers
from Waterford, Michigan
Ray Benson from Clio, Michigan
and Linda Brandle
from Millington, Michigan
(not necessarily in this order)
Ed, Pam, Jason, Tyler and Brodie Bennett from New Lothrop, Michigan
Brother in-law has a cabin near Houghton 
on Lake Superior

David, Julie and Chelsea Lowe
from Wayland, Michigan
visiting family in Greenland, Michigan

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(not necessarily in this order)
Chet and Pauline Prusaliewicy(?)
and Irene Lilly from Gaylord, Michigan
and Daniel, Erin, Taylor and Madison Lorentz from Six Lakes, Michigan
Going to MKM Fraternity reunion 
at Michigan Tech
Mark and Pam Clouse
from Sparta, Michigan
Amy Davisson
from Lansing, Michigan
Visiting family in the U.P.
Eric Nelson
from Marquette, Michigan
and Pat O Brian from Stennwood, Michigan

Gail and Mick McDonald
from Cadillac, Michigan
Carrie Stobbelaar is a displaced Yooper originally from Marquette, 
now residing in Detroit, Michigan
and Brian Wareck
from Detroit, Michigan
Visiting family and eating Pasties
Gerald Williams
from Manton, Michigan

Josh Koeha and Sessi Oeffinger
from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Hank Leaf, Rob Younggren and Dale Leaf from Covington, Michigan
(left photo)
(not necessarily in this order)
Saloine, Kara, Marc, Nathan and Nik
from Germany
Gary and David Soop
from Kingsport, Tennessee
"We're posing as aliens wearing 
Canadian shirts!"

Jerry Brewster
from Morley, Michigan

Larry Ray II
from Hart, Michigan
Vacationing with family at camp in Munising


Ken and Leslie Brady
from Hemlock, Michigan


Elaine and friend
from Littleton, Colorado
Originally from Negaunee, Michigan
Ralph, Hanna and Carlie Hendrickson
from Appleton, Wisconsin
Originally from Ishpeming, Michigan
Mallory and McKenzie Asplund
from Marion, Iowa
Visiting Kenny in Ishpeming
Andria, Mike, Dylan and Keil
from Kentwood, Michigan
Visiting Kevin Van Wagner in Iron Mountain
(not necessarily in this order)
Veronica, Sabrina, Heidi (Mom)
Aaron and Diane (Grandmother)
and Mike Cothard Sr. and Jr.
from Hinsdale Illinois
Originally from the Copper Country 
of the U.P.

Joel, Helen and Sam Shingledecker
from Milford, Michigan
"Just bumming around Yooperland"

Mr. and Mrs. Don Thackwray
and Homer and Denise Coste
from Maryland
Ward and Connor Helakoki
from Lawton, Michigan
Originally from White Pine, Michigan
Don and Connie Rump
from Ottawa, Ohio
(not necessarily in this order)
John, Kendra, Brittany, Keranen, Kevin and Kyle Kowolske
April Hill from Texas
(originally an Ishpeming girl)

Chris and Lana Kanitz
from Dundee, Michigan
(not necessarily in this order)
John Marozas, Diana Herrmann and Ian, Brendan and Anja Marozas
from Rochester, New York
(not necessarily in this order)
Shane, Kierstin, Alyssa, Jay, 
Lisa and Shelby Hendrix
from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 
and Sr. Cloud, Wisconsin
They are up visiting Mom in 
Ishpeming, Michigan
Jennifer and Curtis Hendrickson
from Atlanta, Georgia
Curtis's parents are from Gwinn, Michigan
Jennifer's a TROLL!
(not necessarily in this order)
Pat and Taylor Zachar, Maria Proudfoot and Zach Fanko from Perry, Michigan

Mat and Kristy Fruchey
from Beaverton, Michigan

William and Jenna Dick 
from Chicago, Illinois
(not necessarily in this order)
Dennis, Judy, Justin, Hilary
and Breniun Bauer
from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
"Just Cheeseheads snooping around!"

Steve, Jon, Ben, Kathy Modic
from Novi, Michigan
Kathy's grandmother was from Dollar Bay
(not necessarily in this order)
Brian, Vickie, Hannah, and Hillary Hall,
Sarah Hicks and Dani Sweet
from Reed City, Michigan
They're up visiting family

Rod, Cindy and Tessa Huffman
from Imlay City, Michigan
Terry and Verna Teckel
from Spooner, Wisconsin
(not necessarily in this order)
Steve and Karrie Twork with daughters Amanda and Melony
from Conklin, Michigan
They're up visiting friends at 
Helen Lake, Michigan

(left photo)
Steve and Lisa Penrose
from Davison, Michigan
Steve's dad's from Negaunee 
and his Mom's from St. Ignace
(originally from Gaastra - Chicauqon Lake) and Jack Harvey 
from Debary, Florida
Kevin and Teresa Caliguri
from Hesperia, Michigan
Originally from Republic, just bought a camp there, up visiting sister Kim at "The Robin's Nest." "Great to be back!"
MaryAnn and Gary Stenluna
from Hummingbird Lake, Braudon, Florida

Tom and Barb Russell
from Wasilla, Alaska

Kimberly, Brittany and Erika Nofz
from Belleville, Michigan
Visiting family in Marquette and Keewenaw area of Michigan
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Aulik, 
Justin and Quintin Aulik
from Green Bay, Wisconsin

Chuck and Sheree Kleinhuizen
with daughter Whitney
from Kalamazoo, Michigan
Karl, Tracey and Tekla Stahlecker
from Anchorage, Alaska
Originally from Munising, Michigan
Up Visiting Mom

(left photo)
(not necessarily in this order)
Sam Ballou, Brittney Post, Rob Meredith, Megan Hodge, Alicia Bosanch, Lindsey Schuiling, Tracy Jones, 
Steve Meredith, Andy Meredith, Andrea Shuiling, Mitch Ponstein, Dave Ponstein, 
Jim Hodge, 
Brian Lyeonan (I could not read this 
persons writing), 
Greg Westcott, Jake Ballow 
and Susan Bosorich
(not necessarily in this order)
Bouney, Claire, Kiersten, Alex 
and Chris Walther,
Angelina Farraro and Chip Faraki
from Dayton, Ohio
They're up visiting their Father Daniel and 
Step Mother Sharon Walther, 
Aunt MJ and Bob Donnelly
whom live in Republic, Michigan
Robert and Janet Clisch
from Plymoth, Michigan
Bill and Carol Thexton from Naples, Florida
Originally from Ishpeming, Michigan

Tom and Joanne Shidaker
from Buchanan, Michigan
Joe and Joni Andary
from Rudyard, Michigan
I'll be adding more pics in the weeks to come!
Don't blow your pasty if your name is incorrectly spelled!

Simply email me the correct spelling and I'll be glad to fix it. 


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Summer visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap


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