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Winter visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Many of our visitors to The Tourist Trap are Yoopers who had to leave Yooperland to find work (Yooper Transplants). They come back to the Mother Land whenever possible to get a transfusion of clean Yooper air, visit their relatives and eat pasty.

Here's Paul and Eileen of Eau Claire, WI.
They're vacationing and love stopping at
the Trap when in the area.

Here's (not in order) Carol, Dan, Matt & Ashley McNally of Phoenix, AZ.
Home for Christmas after 23 years. Love the snow and cold for just a short time though. We love the U.P.! -the McNally's

Here's (not in order) KJ Odila, John, Ben, Joanna, and Hannah Christoph of Candler, NC. along with Cameron Sebastian of Watausa, TX.
Visiting Grandpa Carlson in Negaunee. Merry Christmas! -the Chistoph's

Here's Anthony and April Sparpaja of Eaton, CO.
Visiting family, the Robar's. Snowin' like a bugger today!! What a beautiful website! Best store ever! -the Sparpaja's

Here's James Bruns and Dorthea Krentz of Bessemer, MI.
Seeing my daughter in Marquette, shopping and enjoying the snowy U.P.

Here's (not in this order) Reece Hagins along with Mark and Michelle Dennis of Rock Hill, SC.
Visiting family in Kingsford and friends in Negaunee for Christmas.

Here's my cousin Bobby Sue Perry-Roeder from North Lake (Ishpeming) along with her nieces Skylar, Kacie and Sierra Vickery of Menasha, WI.
My nieces love coming to the U.P. and we all enjoy coming here to the Yooper Trap! Happy Holidays! -Bobby Sue

Here's Jason along with Jackie Backland (off shopping somewhere) of Norway, MI.
Getting gifts -the Backland's

Here's Christi and Adam Poissant of Columbia, SC. (Hi  y'all!)
Visiting my husband's family who live here in Ish!!
Adam was born and raised in the U.P. between Marquette and Lake Gogebic. Joined the Air Force in 2000 and met a Southern Bell from SC.
We enjoy coming up here for the ice fishing and snowmobiling.
Yooper for Life!!!
-Christa Poissant

Here's Joe Van Vynklet and Abbey Poissant of St. Paul, MN.
Came here to visit brother (SC.), Mom (WI), Dad (Yooper) with boyfriend (MN). Originally from Bergland. True Yooper! Even though I don't like the cold. Love the U.P.! Enjoy coming back! -Abbey Poissant

Here's Rob, Amy and Raynor Tierney of Evansville, WI.
We love the U.P. and Family! -the Tierney's

Here's Dan Barshaw from St. Cloud, MN along with Gloria Thorkelson from Foley, MN.
They're enjoying Christmas with family and friends.

Here's Mike (Portland, OR) and Michelle (Madison, WI} Milakovich.
They're enjoying Christmas with the family.
"We love the store and your music, makes us smile, thank you!"

Here's Wendel and Kim Suckou from Baltimore, MD
They're enjoying Christmas with the family.

Here's Ray and Tess Licking (with a name like that, it must be good! -Tess) from Owensville, MO.
They're enjoying Christmas with family and friends in Ontonagan.

Here's Theresa and Emilie Ravanelli from Skandia, MI.
They're picking up gag gifts for a Christmas party..

Here's Stephanie and Michael Breault from Gwinn, MI, along with George, Pat and Jeff Breault from Northville, MI.
The downstaters are up spending Christmas with the kids and Grandson while enjoying the great white north..

Here's John and JoAnn Sliger from Elko, NV along with Granddaughter Miranda Sliger from Trout Creek, MI.
The Grandparents are visiting family in Trout Creek.
"Love the UP!! Will move back soon!"

Here's Kevin Schneider and Marie Tatzmann from Lakewood, CO.
"Originally from Marquette, visiting so we can get married at home."

Here's Kris, Nikkie and Brandon Besola from Knoxville, TN along with Tony, Melissa and Tucker Daoge from Diorite, MI.
They're visiting folks and family in Neguanee, Ishpeming and Diorite.

Here's Erik and Becky Johnson from Mt. Pleasant, MI.
"Visiting parents in Houghton, MI.

Here's John and Janet Valek from Hardwood, MI along with
*Alen and Anita Mattson from Foste City, MI. (this person's handwriting was hard to read).
"Just bumming around the U.P."

Here's Traci Kerneklian from Syracuse, NY along with Debbie Nurmi from Coopersville, MI.
"Home for Christmas in Ishpeming."

Here's Nathan Hotakainen - Embarrass, MN,
Mike Larsen - Tower MN
and Mannhew Oja, Sondanm MN.

Here's Anna Novikova - Shymkent, Karakhstan,
Jared Lajoie - Chesapeake, VA
and Angela Wickstrom - Negaunee, MI.
-Visiting family-

Here's Karissa Cittadine - Ishpeming, MI,
and Nichole Mattila - Flint, MI.
-Visiting family-

Here's Marisa Vanek - Indianapolis, IN.
-shopping like crazy in the U.P.-

Here's Jeff and E.J. Hakala - New Orleans, LA.
-visiting our camp on the Escanaba River-

Here's Jessica Walker and Nathan Kallioiren- Lafayette, IN.
-Visiting family-

Here's David and Kelly Cadean - Gaylord, MI.
-Deer hunting and visiting for Thanks Giving.. Dave's Dad got an 8 point buck, unfortunatly Dave didn't get a deer this year-

Here's Jos'e Velasques and Al Perry - Flint, MI.
-Deer hunting-

Here's Connie Thorne - Neenah, WI,
Vickie Laurent - Menasha, WI,
Easton Orlopp - Francis Creek, WI,
and Matt Graczye- Maribel, WI,
-our favorite place to go for fun and fresh air-

Here's Diane Rulseh - Neenah, WI,
-visiting my niece and her baby-

Here's Mark and the gang from Cassopolis, MI,
-visiting Yooperland, love this place-

Jason & Suzanne Wycklendi from Beaver Dam, WI
They're on vacation and away from the kids...

Ray & Vanda Kauppila from Ishpeming, along with Lisa, Lauren, and Branden Duke from Fairborn, Ohio. The Duke's are visiting Grandma and Grandpa for the first time in many years for Christmas. Brian is not in the picture, he's off purchasing the fart machine...

Yvonne, Travis and Billy Warner from Robins, GA. They're up visiting family for Christmas and also in search of snow.

Here's Jimme and Laura Veres from Skandia, MI shopping for moccasins and earrings...

Here's Leslie Martin from Kalamazoo, MI with Teresa Caliguri from Hesperia, MI. They're visiting the camp in Republic...

Here's Viola Pordoe and Stephie Lacefield from Indianapolis, IN. They're up visiting family in Marquette and enjoying our beautiful Superior land...

Here's Sylvia and Celeste DesRoche with Sylvia Martone and Dianna Dutrizac from Ontario, Canada. They're on their way to a wedding in Warroad, Minnesota...

Here's Shawna Johnson from St. Louis, IL along with Cathy and Dan Johnson from Escanaba, MI. They're here christmas shopping for friends and family...

Here's John and Jeanne Fisher from Mt. Pleasant, MI. with daughter Jesse from Savannah, GA and daughter Jillian from Myrtle Beach, SC. They're here with relatives for a family christmas and a visit to Big Bay...

Here's Kim, Daniel and Benjamin Rose from Roselle, IL with Dylan Matbon from Republic, MI. The Rose's are visiting family in Republic...

Here's Roger Dodge and Mary Lonning from Ishpeming, MI. Shopping for gifts...
Here's Jim and Pam Larsen from Marquette, MI. along with John, Nan, Greg and Kenneth Merica from Traverse City, MI. They're here visiting the Ski Hall Of Fame, Da Tourist Trap and enjoying the sights...

Here's Levi and Steven Matchett from Iron Mountain. They're visiting relatives...

Here's Mike, Pam, Chris and Tommy Erwin from Scottsdale, AZ. They're visiting relatives in Republic...

Here's Garth, Carmen, Mikayla and Aubrey Brown from Findlay, OH. They saw our sign and couldn't resist stopping for gifts...

Here's Ken Holmes with Diane, Monica and Melissa Guzman from Ketchikan, Alaska. They're here visiting family in Marquette...
Here's Kim, Peggy and Dan Sprague from Jackson, MI. They're visiting Leta, Mike and Cass Sprague in Ishpeming...

Here's Dave (not in pic) and Patty Carpenter from Channing, MI. along with Liz and Hannah Smith from Wadsworth, Ohio (Duane Cottnill also not in pic). They're up drinking Yooper beer...
Here's Marlene and John Koch from Stoughton, WI, Karen Wertanen from Negaunee, MI, Nancy and Ken Wyckoff from Traverse City, MI and Linda Selesky from Escanaba, MI. They're wondering where all the snow is...

Here's Dennis, Terri, Matt and Ben Haas from Saukville, WI. They're visiting family and drinking da beer...

Here's Kaitlin Richardson and Philip Nolte from Springfield, MO, along with J.R. Richardson from Marquette, MI. They're visiting family...

Here's Andy and Sarah Doutree from Gladstone (Happy Rock) MI. They're out exploring the great U.P.

Here's Danielle Derwin and Jeromie White from Traverse City, MI. They're visiting family in Da Yoop...
Here's Todd, Derek, and Krissy Clisch with Kyle Maki from Baraga, MI. They came up for a Yooper wedding and to find snow...

Here's Dale and Bunnie Johnson from Hartville, Ohio. They're visiting their birth place and Grandma in Bessemer...

Here's Danny, April and Mary June from San Antonio, Texas. They're visiting the Hill Family...

Here's Janet, Ted, Leah, Hannah and Natalie from Atlanta, MI. They're up visiting family in the great U.P.

Here's Jennifer, Stephen and Sydney Collins from Corona, CA with Ann Ruuska from Marquette, MI. They're visiting Grandma in Da U.P.

Here's Karen and Nataly Seppanen, they got bumped in Detroit on Christmas Eve and had to hike the rest of the way. They're from New Hampshire visiting friends and family. Also Lynn and Sydney Laakso, showing they're friends Hoolie's place - Best of da U.P.!

Here's Sue and Angie from Port Huron, MI. Visiting Mike and Amy.

Here's Terry Schaaf and Greg Budweg from Hancock, MI, taken a break from da snow.

Here's one of The Tourist Trap's talented and beautiful clerks Sue Bergman assisting spell-bound customers who were amazed with mouths agape at the multitude and variety of gifts for all ages, available here at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap...your U.P. area store 
and On-line shopping extravaganza!
...and stuff...

Here's a snow-blind Hoolie 
(just came in from shoveling, see pics in "Yooperville U.S.A. - "Hoolie's How High's Da Snow" page) with Don Sitek and Karla Sitek, Lenox, MI
along with Dale, Chris and Dale Dexter from St. Clair, MI.
This gang is up here in Da Yoop snowmobiling and drinking (of course not at the same time, eh...)
Yooper Fun Photo Gallery
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Winter visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap


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