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Winter visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

Many of our visitors to The Tourist Trap are Yoopers who had to leave Yooperland to find work (Yooper Transplants). They come back to the Mother Land whenever possible to get a transfusion of clean Yooper air, visit their relatives and eat pasty.
Here's Hoolie with David Paananen, Ishpeming, MI and Pam Robinson, 
Antigo, MI. 
Dave was one of those smart Ishpeming kids that went to tech and played college foot ball, as you can see...he's not to short...
Hoolie hung around with Dave's dad, 
Al "Pelto" Paananen when they were kids 
in da hood
Here's Hoolie with Grandpa John Haniel, his Granddaughter Taylor Jannauson and Taylor's little friend Kelsi Jannausch

Kevin Derr and the Holland High School Softball Team
visit Da Tourist Trap again...
Holland, MI
Trenary Toast Ron Pfaffle catches Hoolie shop lifting in his own store...
Ron is an employee at the Trenary Home Bakery and he delivers da food of da gods, "Trenary Toast" to us Yoopers, eh!
Valane Mahaffey of Marquette, MI
being visited by Katie Mahaffey and Scott Drossart from Hainson Twp, MI
and Alyssa Drossart from Escanaba, MI
Michael Hardin and Scott and Sheri Moran from Warsaw, Indiana
Looking for Moose, Light Houses, Water Falls, etc...Been lost several times, 
but had a blast!

Todd Gruchacz, Tonya Gruchacz, 
Brooke Gruchacz (8 year old), 
and T.J. Gruchacz (5 years old) from Flemington, NJ
are up visiting (winter recreation/sledding) the Wagners:
Robert and Sarah Wagner (transplanted Yoopers for 27 years)

Gare Kangas (originally from Negaunee) 
and Kelly Carter 
both of Oak Forest, IL (near Chicago)
Kelly West and Robert Wood 
visiting from Alabama
Time and Dab M'Quiller of Clarkston, MI
-up sledding
with Bob Cambell and Sue Kelchner of Pontiac, MI
-up for some snowmobiling

Keith Kostamo (visiting parents)
and L. Baungras of Sheboygan, MI

James and Tina Meyer 
of Sheboygan Falls, WI. 
(Escaping the kids)
Pat and Shelley Burner of Clio, MI
along with 
Janelle Stilson, Michael Taylor
and Autumn Sweet
-up snowmobiling

Hoolie with
Shane Riley of Saranac, MI
Joe Droste of New York, NY
and James Kotoye of Lincoln, Nebraska

Hoolie with two good lookin' babes
Helaine Miedema, Zeeland, MI 
and Melinda Smit, Monticello, IN
Hoolie with 
Greg and Josh Dandrow
Grandville, MI
Hoolie with 
Chris Meffatt of Ishpeming, MI
and Erin Schetzsle of Pataskala, OH 
(Now both living in San Diego, CA)

James LaRosa of Marquette, MI
Beth Heyne of Tucson, AZ
and Jim Cleary of Tucson, AZ
Two hot babes originally from Marquette with a hot babe from Atlanta!

Kristen Gostlin of Evart, MI
and Dave Scott of Iron Mountain, MI
(photo on left)
Ken, Pam, Sarah, Tyler and Chris Losinski
Dave Teresa,
Anna, Dave, Joey and Mariel Brostowitz
Jean Duffer
(photo on left)
Kevin Derr and the Holland High School Softball Team
(photo on left)
(Not in this order)
Tony Carlson, Nick Benda, Augustus Sanderson, Brad Koski, Steve Woodburn, Billy Haukkala, Tyler Koski 
and Katie Woodburn
(Hoolie in back row)
Pack 321 Ishpeming Troop
Wolf Den #1
Trish Woodburn, Leader
Hoolie educates the troop on some specimens
Betz and Stan Burdelski 
from Shelby, Michigan
and Ann and John Peterson 
from Marquette, Michigan
Carl and Jennifer Spring 
from Jackson, Michigan
also their daughter Stephanie 
from L.A. California
Visiting their son in Little Lake
Marsha, Roger II and Roger Wagner 
from Davison, Michigan
Vacationing at camp in Sidnaw, Michigan
Mary Thomas and Dennis Carlson
from Seymour, Indiana
Dennis is a Yooper from Iron River
Karen and Al Kuhlma
from Hibertville, Illinois
Michigan Northwoods Club
Bill and Sandi Hinton from Reese, Michigan
and Brian Hornbacher 
from Unionville, Michigan
Vacationing at their camp in Copper Harbor
Janet and Lindsey Stonestreet 
from San Antonio Texas
Pandora Hawn from Missouri City, Texas
and Yuki Kato from Fukushima, Japan
Chris Sciotti and Lori Henderson
from Lower Michigan
Vacationing at their camp "Bust-a-bear" near the Greenwood resevoir
Chuck Gunderson and Annette Gunderson 
from Capac, Michigan
Chuck is an Ishpeming boy


Nan Karno from Negaunee with Grandchildren Stephanie and Kati Karno 
from West Allis, Wisconsin
Nan told us 
"Before the kids go to Grandma's they have to stop at The Tourist Trap"
Gary, Theresa and Tiffany Glaza 
from Argyle, Michigan
up visiting relatives in Yooperland
Douglas and Dorothy Mattila 
from Fraser, Michigan
Doug is originally a Republic boy
Jack and Darla Dean from Oscoda, Michigan
up snow machine riding on da trails in Yooperland
Jack is originally from Bergland
Devon and Amy Krueger
from Paw Paw, Michigan
Snow Machine riding with Jack 
and Darla Dean
Ron Husking and Susan Graham
from Liberty, Missouri
Ron is and Iron Mountain boy
Don Conrad (Ishpeming boy) 
from San Antonio, Texas
and Briana Moreland 
from Hobart, Indiana

Ken and Lisa (Gwinn girl) Szymanski
from Shelby Twp. Michigan (near Rochester)
Bruce and Nora Isotalo 
from Saginaw, Michigan
Bruce is originally a N. Lake (Ishpeming) boy
Bela Lanczy Jr., Jennifer Bessner from Colorado Springs, Colorado
and Dr. Bela Lanczy from Lanse, Michigan
Lucas (not in pic) and Bela Jr. (Brothers) hold the World record for the largest Lake Trout caught in Lake Superior on August 17th 1997 
61 1/2 lbs!
Gary, Debbie (originally from Republic)
and Todd Schultz 
from Tavares, Florida
Alivar and Colleen Maki 
(real tough Yoopers) 
from Tamarack City, Michigan
Becky from Marquette, Michigan
and Kathy and Rod from 
Green Bay (Da capital of Yooperland), Wisconsin
Brenda Slyh from Coarsegold, California
and Daryl Kerridge from Oden, Michigan
Karen and Sonja Madisen 
from Willmar, Minnesota
and Cori Rassmusen from Negaunee, Michigan
Lisa and Jason Bloxsom 
from Traverse City, Michigan
and Rich Goad from Marquette, Michigan
Mike and Tanya Mellen from Calumet, Michigan 
(Originally from Traverse City)
Russ Flath and Deanna Weber 
from Cheesehead Land
Tony and Tanya Pihaylic 
from Romeo, Michigan
Patrick Hughes and Cyndee Pierson
from Euansdale, Iowa
Pam Van Shaik and her brother 
Bruce McLenithan
from Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ron and Reenie Calery from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and Kristen Calery 
from Bozeman, Montana
Meredith Tenhaken and Roy Melka fromMinocqua, Wisconsin
Jennifer and Paul Tatrow 
from Arlington, Texas
and Janet Elenich 
from Ishpeming, Michigan
Ross Wolfe 
from Menominee, Michigan
and Elisha Wolfe from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jacque, Donnie and Tyler Brunswick 
from Pasadena, Texas
Thomas Mleko and David Walitalo 
from da land of da real tough Yoopers, 
Pelkie, Michigan
and deir Uncle Hoolie in da middle dere doe
Matt Harkins and Erin Cavis 
from Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mark and Rhonda Pillote 
from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jerry and Diane Lawson 
from Romeo, Michigan...and...
...David and Shawna Lawson 
from Ft. Rucker, Alabama
Nona contemplating pasty while taking 
care of some happy visitors
at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap
Matt and Stephanie Burgess 
from Seattle, Washington
Rebecca Minnich, Jennifer Minnich (sisters) 
from Ishpeming, Michigan, 
and Jason Stavel from Detroit, Michigan
Ashor and Aarron Hemmila from Minnesota
Greg and Elizabeth Strughold 
from Brighton, Michigan
Jessica Brice from Laingsburg, Michigan
Tiffany Gilsbach from Marine City, Michigan
and Ryan Paquette 
from Rapid River, Michigan

The Braun Family
Terry Senior, Terry Junior, Austin, Jennifer and Alberta
from Rochester, Michigan

Tim, T.J., Rae Ann and Tyler Snell (originally from Yooperland)
now living in Tampa Bay, Florida
and Derek Young from Tampa Bay, Florida

The Gosiewski family
(not in order shown)
Don Gosiewska, Sanjose, California. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sims, Mukwonago, Wisconsin.
Richard and Gina Sleeman, Greenbay, Wisconsin.
Laura Kinder, San Francisco, California.
Carl Gosiewski, Whittier, California, and Theresa Coleman

Jeff, Nancy and Michael Currier from Plover, Wisconsin
Adam OBrien from Sparta, Wisconsin (originally from Ishpeming)

Christine (originally from Australia) and Robert Hendricks from Oklahoma
Beverly and Robert Hendircks from Cheesehead Land

Scott Larson, Cecil Forss, and Kari & Sydney Larson from Marquette, Michigan
Standing behind Kari is Philip Oberman from New Berlin, Wisconsin

Lani, Dale and Richard originally from Gwinn
Ryan from New Mexico and Greg from Norway, Michigan

Tom (originally from Negaunee), Brenda (Ishpeming girl), and kids-
Chelsea, Erin, Danielle and Hunter
now living in Huntley, Michigan

Dean and Becky Furey from Deerton, Michigan
and Tim, Pam, Timmy and Elizabeth Noles 
from Dearborn, Michigan

Karl and Candace Steinhauer with their two boys Adam and Andy from Mattoon, Wisconsin
and Alina and Katy Karuzas 
(daughters of Dennis and Jennifer Karuzas) from Ishpeming
Candace is originally a Ruusi girl from Ishpa-toon

Chuck, Jo Ann, Jake and Lesser 
from Francis Creek, Wisconsin
Snow machining in da U.P.

The Ed and Sandy Johnson Family
Jeff, Ed, Tiffany, Sandy and Katrina (not shown, attending college at Michigan State)
from Clare, Michigan
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Winter visitors to 
Da Yoopers Tourist Trap


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