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Conrad Kontio's Super Bowl Party

Conrad is one of the owners of Quality Car Care Center. 
This is where Da Yoopers bring there trucks and bus for repairs. In other words, Conrad is the guy dat keeps 'em glued together so we can get down the road.
Every year we attend his Ultimate Superbowl Parties. 
Great food, great sauna, lotta beer too...oh yeah, and

These are some tuff (and certainly well imbibed) Yoopers in the lake, along with us wimps behind them
 You know you're looking at a real yooper when he's wearing shorts in da winter...the temperature got up to a comfortable 39 degrees Fahrenheit....
Dis fish is what Hoolie calls a "man-eating alligator walleye pike."
In the U.P., dese tings are known to grow as big as a man...
Here's Hoolie, Conrad, and Kenny...
Getting ready for comfort and grub...
A nice hot sauna awaits...

Here's a great view of the proceedings taking place on the lake...
Nothing like a dip in da lake after a nice hot sauna...
Getting the bon-fire ready as night approaches...
Hollie sips a brew while enjoying a 
bit of ice fishing  for alligator walleye pike in da swimming pool....
Conrad and friends

Here's a couple of card-board cut-outs made in the likeness of two brave guys that couldn't make it to the party this year because of their being on duty in Iraq....
Nothin' like some pan fried fish before taking off all your clothes and jumping 
in an ice cold lake....
Conrad looks on as one naked Yooper 
hops on his snow rocket....
Here's the same naked dude freezing his balls and schlong off out in the middle of the lake after his sled broke down...he was out there waving for a good 45 minutes while we waved back before we realized he was in trouble....
Where's da hole in da ice to, eh?
One of these lucky buggers caught a fish with his cocktail wiener while standing 
in the water, boy did he scream!
Preparing the swimming hole


The hole's ready!
The make-shift construction just beyond the hole was a new idea for 2002. This is where the grub was prepared, along with tables and chairs and a gas heater. In the background 
is Conrad's camp

Jeff frying fish in the make-shift lodge

Hoolie interprets the cocktail wieners as a sign of things to come, Rick Brown tries to talk Hoolie into disrobing and going for a dip in da hole (da hole in da ice dat is). Fresh fish and chili are on the table


Hoolie puts his feet up and relaxes after dropping the soap

Just a bunch a totally naked Yoopers out side in the middle of winter drinking keg beer and taken' a whizz. That's the sauna behind them.
The dude in the middle stopped
to formally introduce us to 
"lil' Fred"

Nothing like doing 60 on a sled across a frozen lake to temporarily shrink the ole
"love schlong"
Hoolie and the man himself, Conrad Kontio

Hoolie dries off so he can introduce me (Bellmore) to his old friend Ken Brown, da man wit da golden pipes

A view of the camp from the ice.
(from left to right)
Conrad's sauna, make-shift lodge & camp
In the evening we moved the party indoors and proceeded to Jam! That's me (Bellmore) on the left, Ken Brown and Hoolie on the mic

Dave Poirier bashes some skin while 
Hoolie croons a rhyme.
Behind Hoolie is Rick Brown 
pickin' the guit-fiddle.
What a great end to a fun filled day.
Thanks Conrad!
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Conrad Kontio's Super Bowl Party


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