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Conrad Kontio's Super Bowl Party

Conrad is one of the owners of Quality Car Care Center. 
This is where Da Yoopers bring there trucks and bus for repairs. In other words, Conrad is the guy dat keeps 'em glued together so we can get down the road.
Every year we attend his Ultimate Superbowl Partys. 
Great food, great sauna, lotta beer too...oh yeah, and

The tempurature was 10 below at Conrad's Super Bowl Party 2001

Da boyz after da sun went down

Winner of the Bare Butt Snow Machine Run

Conrad, Dog Gone Dog, Hoolie and da boys

Getting the pool ready

Birch Cove, Yooperland, U.S.A.

Hoolie videotapes two tough Yoopers who are out for a dip

Oh! Talk about shrinking the family jewels! Eh!

Hoolie with no hair on his face and no mitten warmer on the camera

Hoolie's old friend Ken Brown, a natural comedian who has nothin' but funny 
stuff to say

Hoolie in the center on snare with two of the famous Brown Brothers, Joe and Rich

Hoolie & Conrad on da Sno Machine

Hoolie with two of the original members of the 1st rock group in Ishpeming. The "Rhythm Kings" members Rich & Ken Brown
Everyone into the POOL!
Da Pool!
 Naked yoopers...
wit beer!
Headin' back to da sauna!
 Keep watching for more great pics!

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Conrad Kontio's Super Bowl Party


Yooperville U.S.A.

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