These are some "Behind the Scene" pictures from 
the making of
It's About Time, Eh! the video.
See how it's done in the world of Low Budget Video Productions!
Lynn & Cuppa during the filming of the "Rusty Chevrolet" video on the Ishpeming Ice Rink.
Hoolie & Cuppa getting ready to Snow Shovel ride near the winter sports area in Ishpeming. It looked great in the "Rusty Chevrolet" video.
Dancin' Dave, Cowboy Dan,
Dickie and Billy shooting "Second Week of Deer Camp" in our camp,
"Camp Go for Beer"
"Camp Go for Beer" heavies Hoolie, Cuppa and Bella looking over the script!
Lynn, Bella and Hoolie playing the camp favorite tune, "In Eben Dere's Lots of Beer"
Cast for da video "Love Song Called Diarrhea!"
Arnold & Arnie from "The Adventures of Arnold & Arnie" in da video!
Yes dere is Italian Yoopers...

Goofus and his date

Lynn fixing Bella Preslimaki's hair

 Booger from da video
Lynn, Da Toivola Twister and Carrie L. on da phone...
Dancin' Dave & Cuppa - "Holy Wah, he can't get up!"
Bella, Dick-e-Byrd and Lynn -  Dickie poked himself in the eye with his beer again
Yooper Fun Photo Gallery

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