COMEDY SHOW IN AMERICA!
  Originally started in 1975 by Jim "Hoolie" DeCaire and Joe Potila as a working dance band, Da Yoopers have been putting a smile on faces all over the world now for over 30 years with their off-beat musical comedy act. Their music and comedy is both a reflection and a celebration of the culture found in one of the U.S’s most unique areas--The Upper Peninsula of Michigan--as well as exaggerating some of the stereotypes that are attributed to the residents of the U.P.
  Over the years, Da Yoopers have held fast to a Do-It-Yourself work ethic recording and releasing their own albums and securing national distribution for their label. They’ve proven that through hard work and longevity you don’t need to be located in a large city to become successful in the music industry.
  Even though a lot of their comedy is regionally oriented, they’ve managed to strike a chord with people outside the midwest with radio stations all over the world regularily playing their music. They are probably best known for their two biggest hits "Rusty Chevrolet" and "The Second Week of Deer Camp" though many other novelty songs are often incorrectly attributed to Da Yoopers including "Da Turdy Point Buck" and "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" to name a few.
  Da Yoopers along with all Yoopers are proud and tough residents of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!