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Hello fellow musicians! Jim Bellmore here! Since 1995 I've recorded many U.P. bands and artists in our studio such as; Säh, Hell Town Trio, Red King, Crank Shaft, Random Chaos, Old Victoria, One Star Element, Steve Davis, Paul Oien, Cornerstone, Witness This, Hell, Hadrian, Manray 19, Moon Shadow, The Minor League (Their cd "Shot In The Dark" which I recorded, was featured in an international punk mag - Alternative Press, they've been selling their cd's like crazy and also have become finalists in MTV's Best Band On Campus contest, top prize being a record contract with Universal Records) and many others.
I've also recorded ads/jingles and title sequences for; 
The Porky Pine Press, Houghton County Memorial Airport, Abate Of Michigan (Motorcycle Safety), Leather Plus, Heritage Motors, The Heart Association, Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Safety, WJPD Tradio (Talk Time), Canadian Televion and more.

The way I like to work things in the studio is thus:

...I attempt to allow the natural feel of the artist/band to come through on the recording. If a band has a Tom Waits feel, that is a raw, slightly out of tune salt of the earth sound, I will attempt to capture that. If you are a punk band and you want your sound loud and raw and off the cuff, that's what I'll try to capture.

...If you are a metal band and you want the guitars up front, that's what I'll do.
If you are a vocalist and you want your performance in tune and clock perfect, I'll work with you to capture that perfect performance.

...If you want me to produce you, I will (producing is not the same as engineering, a producer advises the artist on many issues including song arrangement, intros, doubling vocals and instruments, when and when not to add effects, when harmonies are needed, when a click track should be used, correcting out of tune performances that may sound fine to the artist, etc). If you want to produce your self, I will engineer and run the board and compressors and effects, but I will not get in the way of your sound and vision, I still may advise, but I will leave the decisions to you.

We charge $40.00 per hour for recording. This includes set up time, so if your drums need tuning, it will benefit you to tune them before coming into the studio. Also, guitarists should have their instruments intonated (this involves adjusting the bridge saddles on your instrument so that it plays intune up and down the neck, if you're unfamilier with this, find a tech and have your instrument's bridge saddles "intonated." Also. bring extra strings. Musicians have broken strings many times while recording, we are not a music store, so we don't stock the studio with strings and picks.

We are not set up for duplication, so don't expect us to run off 300 Cd's, (though we can run off a couple masters and a couple for the artist to take home and review) we can point you in the right direction, and we have professional companies we work with that will do complete packaging for you.

If you like, I can do your cover here at the office (with your ideas and mine if you like), including photos, CD screen, inside info and back photo/info. I've done the covers, etc. for Red King, Crank Shaft and Da Yoopers. I use a Mac and Adobe Photo Shop etc, which are the industry standard for graphics and text. Keep in mind though, we are not set up for printing a complete run, the CD artwork will be ready for you or the company you'll be having package the CD's.

Here's a list of some of what we have in our studio: 
Mac - Logic Pro 9, Sound Craft 24 Channel board, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica
and Shure Mics

Contact me personally at jimb@dayoopers.com
  or call The Tourist Trap at (906) 485-5595
Ask for Jim Bellmore

Da Yoopers

Recording Accomplishments
Da Yoopers Cd'sDa Yoopers Cassette's

Da Yoopers have honed their stage and studio skills over the years and now have nine comedy albums to their credit. Radio air-play on Da Yoopers music includes:

Second Week of Deer Camp, Second Week of Deer Camp Part II, Rusty Chevrolet, Santa's Helper, Deer Hunter's Widow, Bingo Fever, Fishing 'Wit Fred, Free Beer, Heikki Lunta, Dog Named Zippo, My Car Won't Go, Happy Birthday Fungus Face, Smelting U.S.A., Anniversary Song, One Day After Christmas, It was Eino, Big Truck and Grandpa Got Run Over by a Beer Truck, I Want a Rinky Dinky Do Dad for Christmas, and Christmas is Everywhere

Our 2016 release, Da Yoopers - "Old Age Ain't For Sissies," which centers around the sometimes humorous realities of "getting old."

Our new 2007 release, Da Yoopers "21st Century Yoopers In Space," is a double Cd with some of our best songs to date. We featured many local artists on the project (click here to find out more). You'll also enjoy the dramatic story of The Crew Of Da Lougy II and there outer space adventures with characters such as the loony "Space Cadet Harold," the evil "Boris Da Sprinkler," and more.

Our 2005 release, Da Yoopers Instrumental Christmas Classics, features gypsy guitar renditions of Christmas favorites by me and is already a favorite of many fans who need some soothing inspiration on the holidays.

Our 2004 release, Da Yoopers Songs For Fart Lovers, has already become a favorite with many fans.

Our 1999 release, Jackpine Savage marks a departure from the experimental sonic bombast of We're Still Rockin', to a "return to roots" style similar to Camp Fever and Culture Shock.

 If your looking to purchase any of our CD's, video's or tape's Order it from our on-line store. They're also available by calling the Tourist Trap at 1-800-628-9978.
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Da Yoopers' song Da Fishing Trip (One Can Short of a Six Pack) was used in the movie Tollbooth. Tailgate Tunes, an album of Green Bay Packer music was produced by Just Right Records and Da Yoopers Packer Backer Anthem was included in that compilation album. Also, the famous Dr. Demento has used several of Da Yoopers songs for his many compilation albums and airs Da Yoopers music on a steady basis. The famous label Laughing Hyena Records just recorded five of Da Yoopers songs for their new release. Da Yoopers also worked on the movie by Reindeer Productions out of British Columbia, Reindeer Games, for the costume/prop department and still photography for location shoots. 

The Professionals Speak...

"I don't believe our station has ever received such response from one group...
Da Yoopers are a hit."
Casey Freeland, KARZ, Redding, CA

"Keep writing and releasing those comical but true songs."
Cynthia West, KGIM, Aberdeen, SD

"Da Yoopers are a big hit here in Northern New England."
Rob Riley, Claremont, NH

"They're very, very, very good. That's about sixteen verys."
Dan Christopherson, KXRB, Sioux Falls, SD

"You guys and gal are somethin' else!"
Mark Howard, KWED, Sequin, TX

"Great Novelty."
Marty Green, WAXX, Eau Claire, WI

"This kind of stuff makes radio fun."
Missi J. Blair, WJUN, Mexico, PA

"The fact that Da Yoopers were not invited to the President's inauguration so steamed me that it made the flaps on my Elmer Fudd snow cap flutter."
C.M. Rademacher, Grand Rapids Press

"In the heart of Dixie and the state of Arkansas we love what Da Yoopers are doing."
Larry Mann, KBOK, Malvern, AR

"Thanks for making my morning show even better... Da Yoopers continue to be a hotly requested item."
Larry Kratka, WBEC, Pittsfield, MA

"Your brand of humor regarding the "Real Life" of "Real Folk" is both entertaining and refreshing."
HK Swindler, KDTA, Delta, CO

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