Da Yooper's
Theater Of Da Mind!
Below are just a few samples of songs and skits
by Da Yoopers.

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1. Condom City
2. Smart Pills

3. Dr. Buduchi's Office

4. Buck & Johnny

5. Harold's poem

6. Y.O.O.P. news (Emo Anderson)

7. Burt & Bunna's Christmas nuts

8. National Mine School of Tech.

9. Uncle Bruno's Christmas story

10. Harold's Christmas poem

11. My First Time Ever

12. Santa's Helper

13. Couch Dat Burps

14. Crawling Home Puker

15. Lonely Yooper

16. Do You Wanna Buy an Organ

17. Nightmare in my Bathroom

18. Dog Named Zippo

19. Diarrhea

20. If I Could Fart Like my Dad

All songs and skits written and performed by the musical group: "Da Yoopers"

All songs Copyright You Guys Records
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Da Yoopers Musical Comedy Show
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