Da Yoopers 2004 Release!
"Songs for Fart lovers"
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Your CD songs for fart lovers is aawweessoommee. i am a fart lover. my favorite song is grandpa farted and the dog died.


I gave my Uncle Ed yer "Songs For Fart Lovers" album for Christmas, & boy did he get a kick outta dat! He introduced me to Da Yoopers after I graduated from high school in da year 1998, wit yer greatest hits album "For Die Hards Only," (with song titles such as "Da Couch Dat Burps" & "Diearrhea," I knew it'd be good, cuz I luv bat'room humor) & I taped da Diehard CD since I had to give it back to Ed, dis way I could listen and laff to my hearts content. plus I can really relate to what you do in yer songs and skits, cuzz my Uncle Ed lives in Kittery, Maine, & since Mainers & Yoopers have quite a lot in common (i.e. long, cold winters, fly infested summers, deer-hunting (which Ed and my Dad usta do before I was born, & my dad still has de old gun cabinet in da house), fishing (My dad & Ed & I still do a lot of dat on Ed's campnear da lake), beer drinking, farting, crappin' in an outhouse (for ed, it's da chemical toilet in da Winnebago) $ on top o' dat, ACCENTS! (my Nana has a strong Maine accent, she sounds just like da old Pepperidge Fahm man).
Hey guys,
Happy new year to yous awl. christmas and new years was quiet fer me and dats how I like it. I have listened to da fart lovers CD and in my humball opinion it is one of da best releases since "One Can Short of a Six Pack," "We're Still Rockin" and "Jackpine Savage." I tink dat "Squishy Underwear," "She loves to fart," "A fart can be a friend," "Someone Ripped One on da Dance Floor" and "Diarrhea" are destined to become kamp klassics and saloon sing along favorites. I can't wait for da vitteo to come out in surround sound smellivision! It is truly bob and tom material. Da picture yous sent with us at da radio station in pennsylvania brought back a lot of memories!! Oh to be so young, innocent and wide eyed once again! It feels like I have to hum along wit your new CD so I best retire to da "music room" right now!
Pete "da fart may be gone but da memory lingers on and on and on and on" Frecchio
Talk 1450, WMIQ, Iron Mountain
Hi y'all - 
Mike Madonna from the Brain Sandwich Show (KDHX 88.1 FM).
Got your "Songs For Fart Lovers" CD yesterday.
"Songs For Fart Lovers" is a high 'octane' comedy masterwork about a low-brow subject. This CD belongs in every frat house, tavern, bowling alley, bus terminal, church library and comedy morning shows around the country."
Mike Madonna, Producer/Co-host, The Brain Sandwich Show, KDHX 88.1, KDHX.ORG
Thanks! "Duel at Del Santo's is a treasure!
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that our listeners love the new CD, Songs For Fart Lovers!
We've conducted on-air giveaways and promoting the www.dayoopers.com website for the past couple of weeks, and people are loving it!  Thanks!

Todd Adkins
Franklin, PA

Songs for fart Lovers

I love the CD, I keep it in my car and play it over and over again. My favorite is track #7. How do you guys do It? 

Thanks, Kim Greening

Hey Youz Guys,

   Just wanted to let you know dat da songs for fart lovers blew me away. It's so good we can almost smell da 'nure when listening to it. "If She Farts on The First Date" should be part of sex education in every school in da country. Maybe dere wouldn't be so much divorce if da kids knew da facts before dey started to date.
Keep up da good work, eh?
Mike Gallant, East Walpole, MA

   You guys have the best album ever. Can you wear out a CD? We just might have that problem with the new album. Too bad it didn't qualify for a Grammy this year. Next year it's gotta qualify. It would fit into any and all music categories!! Start promoting and we will too! Thanks for making our day. We'll be humming the tunes for a long time. 
Thanks and keep on making all that unforgetable music.
A couple of Yoopheads, Brookfield, WI
Just listened to the new disc (fart lovers). It's the bomb another step in Yoopers history. Nobody could do an entire desc on farting untill now. Could not stop laughing the only thing I'm glad of is you didn't have a fart song or skit about church gas attacks that would have been too much. Hope to catch another show this year, your shows are so much fun. I have turned my friends into yoopers even my father in law likes listening. Continued good humor.
Charlie Pax
We just received your new Cd Songs For Fart Lovers. It is an exceptional CD. The songs are very good. My 12 year old son loves all your music especially this one. 
A troll from below the bridge
Betsey Mitchell
Hello Da Yoopers,
Your ìSongs For Fart Loversî is a good one! We laughed all the way threw Canada to Wisconsin. We laughed so much, we had to pull the car over! 
From Tom & Donna Hartsell
Hey you guys!!!!
   I got dat record of yers! "Music for Fart Lovers" is truly a "gas.î
Dat darn ting is great! I could actually smell the hilarity. I laughed so darn much that I had to change my shorts. 
I recommend that Yooper fans everywhere should pick it up, then put it down.......
then pick it up again and listen to dat ting dere! 
B-Rock (Dennis Kirk) Alpena, Mi
Dear Da Yoopers, 
I have written a letter in response about the new CD "Songs for Fart Lovers." There likely has never been a release like this before, although you guys are specialists on recording bathroom humor in song (and sketch). You also specialize on humor with emphasis on hunting, fishing, beer drinking, as well as life in Yooperland in general. It's unbelievable, colossal, can we say controversial? I'm a gassy person, although I wish I wasn't - it can cause me to fart sometimes in a public place, of course with my often gassy situation, this album is appropriate, for someone like me. It's been quite some time that you guys had a new album released, and I think it's about time.
Good gross outs!
Very truly yours,
Roland Montelo
1001 Whitchurch Ct.
Wheaton, IL 60187
Hello Hoolie,
" No One Here To Fart On" was aired Nov. 8-9. I meant to let you know before that...must have slipped a gear. Sorry! It got good response and will certainly return after the holidays.
Happy Holidays!!
-Dr Demento
Hello Yoopers,
Love the new release. My five year olds favorite song from the CD is  ìSantaís Helper,î and I discovered it is 100% guaranteed way to turn around his foulest of moods and get Jimmy roaring in nearly uncontrollable laughter. From skinned knees to missed naps to anything at all that might have caused him to be ill-tempered, all I do is play ìSantaís Helperî loud enough to be heard over the tantrum, crying, or whatever and soon he stops. Then the giggling starts and soon heís just roaring! Of course Iíve added a goofy dance step to provide visual accompaniment, so Jimmy joins in that also. And itís never enough to play it just once. Jimmy yells out ìDo it again!î and we play and dance again, normally itís at least 6 or 7 times before I finally have to stop playing it.  And when I mentioned this mood modification trick to another parent, she asked to borrow the CD and try it also ñ and it worked! So you may have another whole market for at least some of the songs: ìKid Picker-Uppers.î As an added bonus, itís easy to get the kids to pickup their toys, sit on the potty chair, or anything else, just by holding off on playing another round of ìSantaís Helperî until their chore is done.
Thanks again! ñ John Van Deuzer
Hello Da Yoopers,
Youíre new release, ìSongs for Fart Loversî was a great change of pace for listening entertainment ñ it was a hit!
Keep up the good work & keep um coming! - Ed Dedene
I love your new release ìSongs for Fart Lovers.î Iím a guy that farts a lot, and some of them smell like you put it, rotten eggs! I once farted in an elevator and the stench from it lingered in there for about 
20 minutes afterward. - Tom Stewart
Hey Yoopers,
You guys really out did yourselves wit da new CD ìSongs For Fart Lovers.î I donít know how you can top dis one, 
but I hope you try. I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face and people in other cars on da road 
were giving me funny looks. But I donít care; keep up the great work!
A loyal Yoophead, Matt Zalewski
Hi - listened to the Fart CD - I laughed my butt off - original "Yooper" humor - great gift for deer camp - Betty Yuhaus
Hey Yoopers,
ìSongs For Fart Loversî is excellent. My new favorite! 
- Sam McGunegle
Hey, Howís it going.
A few weeks ago while visiting my other neighborhood (Da U.P., from Florida), you sold me a copy of  ìSongs for fart loversî CD. Iím here to tell you I loved it! The Varity of musical styles used to convey the message that ìeverybody fartsî and that some of us are proud of the musical sounds emitted from our sphincters, made for top-notch entertainment!
Tom Bowden ñ A diehard fan
ìIt will blow you away!î - David Tanny  DFSX Radio, San Diego, California
Dear Da Yoopers,
   I am writing to let you know that my husband and I just love the new CD, "Songs for Fart Lovers." We just couldn't stop laughing.
  Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Benedict - Ionia, MI

Stooges on da cover L to R: 
Bella, Hoolie and Dick-e-bird
Da Yoopers Songs for Fart Lovers
1. No One Here To Fart On 3:14
2. Da Chubby Club 2:35
3. She Loves To Fart 3:09 
4. Grandpa Farted & Da Dog Died 1:44
5. Youíre My Favorite Turd 2:33
6. Pucker And Smell 3:08
7. Squishy Underwear 2:37
8. Carl Needs A New Rod (SKETCH)   2:00
9. If She Farts On Da First Date 2:57
10. Iím A Lonely Toilet 2:59
11. Iím A Turd 3:19
12. Da Life Of A Fart (SKETCH)    5:28
13. A Fart Can Be A Friend 2:29
14. If I Could Fart Like My Dad 1:27
15. I Never Hear My Mom Fart 2:23
16. Duel At Del Santoís  (SKETCH) 5:43
17. Diarrhea 3:28
18. Someone Ripped One On - 
      Da Dance Floor 3:05
19. Santaís Helper (SKETCH)  1:46
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