In Memory of
Alan Wayne 'Goofus' Ammesmaki
and John Keto

Amos "Goofus" Maki                                                John Keto

  Two good guys passed away this past week. our ole truck driver John Keto and Alan Wayne 'Goofus' Ammesmaki who worked with us on albums and video. You couldn’t find two more kind, gentle, friendly and loving fellows then these two. They were always quick to laugh at what you hoped was funny, and they both were full of life and treated people the way people should be treated.
  Boys you left a big hole to fill when you left us.. Goofus with his crazy antics and John with his great dry sense of humor. I doubt very much if we will find guys like you two to fill that hole.
God bless. We will miss you lots.
                                                                                                                  -Da Yoopers

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