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Hoolie's Rockin' Photos
I've been collecting minerals for 
most of my life. I love diggin' in a rock pile 
and hangin' out with other rock hounds. 
Here's some pictures of my on going exploits!
                                          Da Yooper's - Hoolie
Below are photos from a 2003 Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club field 
trip to the Copper Country.
Below are photos from the 2003 Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club Christmas Party.

A historical event in the ol' U.P.
Rock picking on December 12th!
Hoolie and Bill come back with a truck load a rock

Now da fun part of being a rock knocker,
unloading da truck

Not bad for one days work!
Hoolie admires his treasure, he explains:
This is Slag from the clarksburg Furnace which went into blast in 
1865 and closed 1875.
Slag was material other than iron that was discharged or run off in liquid form. It was left to harden during the historical attempt to smelt iron ore 
in the Lake Superior region
The mineral on your right is Specular Hematite.

A close up of Beautiful baby blue Slag

I asked Hoolie, "What is this new and foreign feeling I'm experiencing as I lift this rock out of the truck?"
Hoolie answered, "PHYSICAL EXERCISE!"

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I told Hoolie to get a shot of me smiling for the camera...
Hoolie likes my vertical smile 'cause it comes in handy for pickin' up rocks...
As Hoolie stared I spoke,
"You will become entranced as you stare into my evil eye! 

Here's Hoolie having a coffee royal 
(that's dago-red & coffee mix, he's allowed to imbibe on da job 'cause he owns da joint)

Hoolie's 2001 new discovery!
Pure red jasper and hematite!
Last time this type of jaspilite was 
found was 1959

Bill cuttin' slabs in da rock barn

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hold still there Hoolie...
Bill and Hoolie bust up some rock 

Jim "Hoolie" Decaire on top of a rock pile 
finding a nice hunk a' copper.
May 24 2001
Hold that pose, I'll go grab the camera... 
It's around here somewhere!!!
Hoolie under a rock pile

Hoolie hand polishes greenstone in da rock
Dis is Ray-da-Ractor.
We use it to move rock around at Rock Knockers
and load up yard rock we sell to da Tourists
Time to head 'er home...
Hoolie displays a nice little specimen 
while packing up da truck
May 24 2001

Hoolie's find of a 
life time
Calcite with copper inclusions
Found fall of 1998

Always looking for new ways to sell minerals...
Here's Hoolie's new work of art:
"Two Bears doin' da Oga-Booga" 
on Specular Hematite.
He asked Nona (one of the female employee's at the store) if she thought it would sell...she hit him over the head with her pasty

Hoolie and Amy Langson (Bill-bob's Wife) working the "Rock Knockers" booth at the U.P. Craft Show in the Yooper Dome.

Amy working the "Rock Knockers" booth at the U.P. Craft Show in the Yooper Dome.
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Hoolie's Rockin' Photos

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