Hoolie's dream come true--rock picking in March! Somewhere northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. Hoolie's brother-in-law Dave had to stop every ten feet for a ciggy-treat.
Norm, Hoolie and Dave in front of Norm's "land yacht." Hoolie and Dave stop at an authentic old west saloon
Hoolie and Bella Bellmore on the way to Arizona in January 2002. Here's Hoolie at a stop in Kansas City, Kansas (Wow, a McDonalds!) Hoolie and Bella Bellmore at a stop in Amarillo, Texas. (Wow, look, another McDonalds!)
Here they are in the beautiful city of Albuquerque, New Mexico (culture, culture, culture!) Finally made it to Flagstaff, Arizona! Man the desert is so cool!
On the Road to Sedona! Beautiful red rocks in Coconino National Forest, Arizona. Bella Bellmore, scratching his sphincter on a monster cactus!

This is a float copper specimen found in The Copper Country by our friend Ray Just. It weighs in at 58,800 lbs or about 30 tons! Its one of the largest piece of float copper ever found in the world!

Hoolie on top of a rock pile in the Keweenaw, finding a nice hunk of copper. May, 2001.

A historical event in the ol' U.P: Rock Picking on December 12th! Hoolie and Billy come back with a huge load of Specular Hematite. Now the fun part of being a Rock Knocker: unloading all dat rock!
Not bad for a day's work! Hoolie admires his treasures he collected: a big pile of Specular Hematite and that colorful pile on the right is Slag. Specular Hematite is the raw Iron Ore that was mined on Michigan's Iron Range. It was a high grade ore, about 65-70% pure and was shipped as is to the ore docks where it was used all over the world! Slag was all the impurities that separated from the iron ore when it was smelted. It comes in a rainbow of colors from green, turquoise, purple and blue! "Leelanau Blue" is a type of Slag.

Bella asked Hoolie: "What is this new and foreign feeling I'm experiencing as I lift this rock out of the truck?"

Hoolie answered: "Dat's Physical Exercise, yah stooge!"

Peek-a-boo! Bella told Hoolie to get a shot of him smiling for the camera, and instead got his "vertical smile!" As Hoolie took the pic he became entranced with Bella's "evil eye" which told him to hand over all of its pizza!
Hoolie may have a rock collecting problem. Hoolie hand polishing Isle Royale Greenstone in his rock barn.
Always looking for new ways to sell minerals, Hoolie admires his new work of art: "Two bears doing the Ooga-booga on Specular Hematite." He asked Norm if she thought it would sell and she hit him over the head with her pasty! Here's Hoolie watching the Rock Shop, having a Coffee Royal (Dago-red and coffee) . . . Hay, he's allowed to imbibe on da job coz he owns the joint!


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