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So You Wanna Be A Yooper Contest

Answer the quetions below for a chance to win.
The correct answers can not be looked up on the internet so don’t even try, eh!
The person who answers the most questions will win some great Yooper gifts!

We will pick a winner soon!

Submit Answers Here: jimb@dayoopers.com
1. What is a tapiola tenderloin?
2. What is the yooper meaning of “tent?”
3. “Tum”—Dis word has two yooper meanings. Name one.
4. How does a yooper pronounce the state “Illinois?”
5. How does a yooper pronounce the word for the growths over your eyes that appear when you get older that have to be removed by an eye surgeon?
6. Give us a sentence in yooper speak using the word “true.”
7. What does this yooper phrase mean: “ka-nucka brew”
8. What does this yooper expression mean: “koo-kalie-koo”
9. What is a “Rust Bucket?” in Yooperspeak?
10. What are “I-yah Toolies?” in Yooperspeak?
11. What’s a “Clunker” in Yooperspeak?
12. What is a “Road Pop” in Yooperspeak?
13. What is a “Ma-moo” in Yooperspeak?
14. What is “Sisu” in Yooperspeak?
15. What is “Bakkaball?”
16. What yooper town is The Gay Bar located in?
17. What is the yooper meaning of “taught?”
18. What is “Clicker” in Yooperspeak?
19. What is a “Can Wallupper?”
20. What is a “Pasty Ass”
21. What is a “Sticking Tommy?”
22. What is a “nuppa?” in Yooperspeak?
23. What does a bad case of cabin fever mean?
24. What is a Jackpine Savage?
25. What is a “Root Moose?”
26. What is the yooper meaning of “crotch?”
27. What is the yooper meaning of the word “serts” in Yooperland?
28. What is a “Michigammee Meatball?”
29. What is an “Apple Knocker?”
30. What is a “carbunkel?”
31. Name a Yooper Yard Ornament.
32. What is a cudighi?
33. What are swampers?
34. What does the term “High Binders” mean in Yooperspeak?
35. What are “Nollies” in Yooperspeak?
                                                    BONUS QUESTIONS!
My Uncle Bruno spoke what people called “gaak” which was his weird slang version of english where he would unintentionally substitute correct words with incorrect ones, often with funny results. Take a guess at what Bruno’s “Gaak” term was for these three terms:
a.) What did he call the town of Big Bay?
b.) What did he call the brand new headlights he just put on his truck?
c.) How did he pronounce the word “election?”
Thank You For Participating!