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Things That Roar is the acclaimed debut kids and family music album from northern Michigan singer/songwriter Papa Crow. Recorded at home (late at night when his kids were asleep) this thoughtful and fun homemade album appeared on many children's music Best of 2011 lists. Multi-instrumentalist Papa Crow is joined by many friends and family members (including his two young sons) on songs that explore invisible polar bears, chicken lips, hairy frogs, things not to be afraid of, licorice, lemonade, kites, being a kid, having a kid, and a loud girl named Eleanor.

1. All The Things That Roar
2. Welcome To The World
3. Baby Makes Three
4. The Peek-A-Boo Waltz
5. That's The Life For Me
6. Polar Bear In A Snowstorm
7. Ukulele
8. High Up On a String
9. I'm Not Afraid Anymore
10. If I Cry
11. When I Grow Up
12. Chicken Lips
13. Dream Big
14. Everything Is New

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Tanya Stanaway
Finnish Songs

Tanjan Mieluisia

1. Karjalen Poikia
2. Tule, Tule Kultani
3. Tahti Ja Meripoika
and 15 other selections...

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Volume 4

1. Kulkurin valssi
2. Valiaikainen
3. Minun kultani kaunis on
and 14 other selections...

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1. Aurinko Paista

2. Superior

3. Backwoods Road

4. Sampi Joki

5. U.P. Boy

6. Look Who's Sitting
In The Sauna

7. As If

8. We Go Green Bay

9. Out To The Blind

10. Talikkala Schodisch/Tulle Tytto

11. Mushing

12. Sauna Song

13. South Marquette

14. Me And Eino

15. West U.P. Town

16. Gainses Rock

17. Suomalainen Poika

18. Guess Who's Coming

19. Sponge Bunny

20. A Schodisch

Conga Se Menne
Land of the Conga Boys
Other Sauna Beats
This is a compilation of their first and second CD.

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