Da Yoopers Catalog


Authentic Yooper Recipes for
"Bring a Dish" Social Gatherings
(Also features tips on choosing the best foods when shopping and
many wise pointers on cooking and
preparing foods)

These classic yooper dishes were compiled from Hoolie's Mother's recipe collection from the 30's thru the 60's and are guaranteed not to leave you wondering what to make for your next bring-a-dish, potluck, wedding and family gatherings.
Many of these recipies are made from scratch by Hoolies Italian Mother who could cook and bake with the best of them. These great comfort food recipes are easy to make and
fun to eat.
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By Kitty H. Kososki

For those missing the U.P. or those Yoopers wanting to try someone else's delicious Yooper recipes.

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The (not so) Lowly Chokecherry

By Kitty H. Kososki

This book is about the chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), a flowering shrub or tree native to North America. The fruits are about 1 cm (0.39 in) diameter, range in color from bright red to black, with a very astringent taste, being both somewhat sour and somewhat bitter. These berries can be picked when ripe and used in various recipes. The book describes how to recognize the chokecherry, early and Native American uses for the fruit and bark, nutritional value, and various recipes using chokecherries.
88 pages

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Superior Plates & Places
By Lori & Vikki Kulju
Lori Kulju aka The Yooper Goddess is also know for her television segment on TV6 Fox WLUC-TV6 and from her youtube channel.

Let the Yooper Goddess take you on a culinary adventure of the Upper Peninsula. Each chapter will introduce you to her favorite eateries or adventures in the U.P. coupled with her unique recipes. Chapters include titles such as Outhouses and Toast, Those Monks Sure Can Cook and More Za! 128 pages 6" x 9"
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Grills Gone Wild, Sides & Sweets Cookbook
Potatoes, pineapple, pizza...
Ready to discover a fresh, new world of grilling? Then take a walk on the wild side and explore beyond burgers, steaks and chicken. Stuffed mushroom appetizers, a side of buttery corn on the cob, and a still-warm apple crisp... all grilled alongside your entrée for a delicious and easy meal.
Take your new taste adventures even further with yummy Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Cups or treat everyone to a bowl of Cheesy Popcorn - popped right on the grill!
Let the flames begin!
128 pages

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Life's Little Zucchini Cookbook
101 Zucchini Recipes

Borrowing its title from another popular series of book, Life's Little Zucchini Cookbook: 101 Zucchini Recipes, by Joan Bestwick, is precisely that - a handy little tome of recipes to last you long after zucchini season is over. Bestwick includes recipes of well-known zucchini favorites, such as Stuffed Zucchini, Zucchini Bread and Fried Zucchini, along with a host of other preparations for baking, sauteing and stewing. More interesting is the adaptation of traditional dishes in which the versatile cucumber makes its appearance - such as Tuna & Zucchini Melts, Zucchini Lasagna, Zucchini Fudge Cake, and even a recipe for Zucchini & Banana Pudding. A few practical tips are included in the introduction, and, thankfully, recipes are easy-to-follow and not labor intensive. If you're experiencing a bumper crop of zucchini, or just enjoying eating the prolific squash, you'll enjoy having Life's Little Zucchini Cookbook on hand
132 pages

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Life's Little Rhubarb

Joan Bestwick shows how to serve rhubarb from breakfast to dinner--before dessert. She offers cinnamony muffins with a dollop of peach and rhubarb filling in the center, easy Rhubarb Chutney to serve with cottage cheese, refreshing Rhubarb and Lemon Punch sweetened with pineapple juice, and "pizza" of rhubarb puree on a flattened pie crust dotted with strawberry "pepperoni," dried black cherry "olives," and a shower of grated white chocolate "cheese."
131 pages

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Grills Gone Wild, Meats and Mains Cookbook
Weary of the same old crusty burgers, tough steaks and dried-out chicken breasts? Then say goodbye to boring! Use the perfected instructions inside this book to serve a perfectly grilled, yet simple entrée... or turn up the heat and go wild! Tangy marinades, savory rubs, zesty basting sauces, and flavorful salsas will give your grilling just the kick that's been missing.
So take a walk on the wild side to discover a fresh, new world of grilling - you'll never look back!
128 pages

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A Gourmet's Guide To 
Venison Sausage
and Cooking Venison
By James A. Lahde

135 smart and elegant recipes
45 tested sausage recipes, simplified sausage techniques for hard salami, pepperoni, summer sausage and many more
199 pages
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Beer Cookbook:
101 Recipes with Beer

101 Recipes such as:
Deep fried Jalapeno Slices, Drunken Dogs, Sweet Bread, Beer Bread,
Beef Beer Balls etc

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It's BACON Me CRAZY! Cookbook
Weary of the same old crusty burgYou Will Go Hog Wild Over These Fantastic Party-Perfect Recipes! Each Appetizer Or Snack Will Make Your Whole Party Happy. This Book Contains Forty-Four Bacon Recipes.
64 pages

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