Da Yooper's 
"What Our Names would Be 
If We Were Indian "

Some cultures wait to see how a person develops before naming them, like in "Dances with Wolves." Lets face it, most of our names would be far less romantic. Here's a few examples of what our names would be...

1. For that large Aunt that stinks: Aunt "Walks With Stench."
2. For that skinny Uncle with the huge beer gut" Uncle "Keg With Stick Legs."
3. For that fellow employee whom suffers from halitosis: Breath "Makes 'Em Puke."
4. For that cousin whom hasn't had a date in ten years: Chief "Blows Up Doll."
5. For that male relative who's always locked in the bathroom: Brave "Chokes Alone."
6. For that cantankerouse, mean ole Mother In-law: Bear-a-coo-da "Drives To Drink.

Yooperville U.S.A.

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