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Da Home Front

Things that happen behind the scenes that make our 
world go round...

Here's Hoolie with 
Harry "Coolie" Nault, 
1st cousin of Hoolie's father...
(Coolie's mother was a DeCaire)
Hoolie's Dad and Coolie were good buddies for many years....

Here's myself, Lynn and Jesse getting
lots done while Hoolie's on vacation, eh!

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Here's a panorama I made of Hoolie in the parking lot of The Trap after 
our first major storm, eh!
Here I am anticipating the cold, crisp tongue tantalizing flavor of a fresh 
"rain gutter rust" Icicle! 

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Hoolie's High School Career Councilor 
"Waino Ickaloff" 
told Him in 1963,
"There's two careers you qualify 
for with your brain:
Sitt shoveling and Drumming.
So Hoolie decided to take on both at da same
time, eh....

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Hoolie and bill with the boys from turd street auto who are dropping off Da Tourest Trap's 
newest acquisition...

What da hell is dis ting anyway?

(Hoolie literally tooting his own horn)
Here's Hoolie and I in the studio with 
"Kim Lenten."
Kim sings lead vocal on four of the songs on our new album for 2003;
"Da Yoopers Songs For Fart Lovers"
Kim familiarizes himself with one of our new "fart" songs before being recorded...
Here's Kim in the booth crooning like a bird...
To keep Kim in character, Hoolie would occasionally step into the booth with him 
and rip one of his rancid 
"fresh roasted peanut" farts...
Jamming in Da Yoopers Studio
with "Big Bay, Michigan" boy 
Cajun Squeeze box demon, Jimmy...
Danglin' Dick's digits dance during dynamic double dog durge...
Hoolie  beats out the freak...and stuff...man....
Things that happen behind the scenes that make our 
world go round...

During World War II, in Sweden and Finland, over 200,000 vehicles ran on either wood or charcoal gasifire. In Sweden alone, the number of wood burners went from 1000 in 1939 to 70,000 by 1942. During World War II, almost all of Finland's 
vehicles ran on wood. 
   The Lehtola brothers from Paradise Road near Chassell built "Eddy." It took them four years to build the tractor using Gengas design.
   Eddy the Wood Burner is built on a John Deere frame. It has a 1964 Ford Falcon engine with a Chevrolet transmission and a GM truck rear end with mechanical brakes. The roof is a Kelvinator refrigerator door.
   There are only two working wood-burning tractors in the nation 
and your looking at one of them!


Hoolie and I at his camp writing for
the new fart album. 
In the above photo Hoolie grabbed the camera thinking he was getting a shot of me coming up with a great idea. Just after he snapped 
the photo a long, rank wet one 
rasped from my torrid sphincter....

Hoolie attempts to top me, and does!
After I snapped the photo, he staggered for the out house screaming; 

Hoolie cooks up some breakfast for us...um...mostly me....


Da Yoopers Tourist Trap billboard crashes down on unsuspecting, 
bulb danglin' employee!
Hoolie warned Bill-bob not to get to crazy with the Christmas lights.
After poking him with a stick a few times, then running in to grab some coffee, then telling me to grab my camera, Hoolie heroically saved Bill

Hoolie and Bill-bob began the dismantling of the twisted, mangled heap

Let's take a look back at our friend, "Da Tourist Trap Billboard," when it was in the prime of it's life (a tear runs down my cheek)

The New Tourist Trap Sign!
Bill digs holes for the sign
Dennis is the dude on the left. He and his partner on the right work for "Cook Signs."
Dennis says making signs isn't all it's 
cracked up to be
Hoolie prepares to help lower the sign

Hoolie directs the placement of the sign as I watch in amazement

Here's Billy putting up the other side of the sign.
I came out to give Billy a hand. 
I asked Billy if the sign was supposed to read that way before snapping the photo, he said, "I'm a carpenter, not an artist!"
We both proceeded to scramble to correct ourselves before Hoolie 
returned from Menards

Here Bill, let me do some hammering AHHHRRRGGG!

Lynn working hard and selling to happy tourists at The Tourist Trap

While preparing for lunch, 
Lynn and Anna almost peed them self's 
when Lynn found Hoolie's bag 
of lettuce schmegma dated 05/14/95 in the frig

Here's a close up of Lynn holding the putrid,
rancid, science project
Always looking for new taste sensations, 
I decide to go where no 
fats has gone before
RJ asks Jesse, 
"How much does this rock cost?"
Da Rock Shop at The Tourist Trap
The Dynamic Dual!
RJ Da Propeller Head 
with Rosie Da Yooper Dog
fighting crime at Da Trap

Here's two of Bill-bob's three kids, little Billy and Miranda playing Yahtzee 
at the lunch table
Hoolie and Bill-bob gettin' da 37 Dodge ready so they can go cruising da back roads for some deer...
...da bus came out of 
Dead Wood, South Dakota
It was used for many years as a tour bus to move tourists around Boot Hill and many other attractions
Dis is Ray-da- Ractor.
We use it to move rock around at Rock Knockers
and load up yard rock we sell to da Tourists

This was the day I (Jim Bellmore) pushed the wrong key and got stuck in the computer
Hoolie's grandson R.J. trying to teach Scooter not to chew the 
Power Ranger guy...
A second before this picture was snapped, I was reaching for the Tabasco while holding an extra large "Missouri Special" cudighi sub from Buck's restaurant. That's Lynn's daughter Maggie licking my fingers clean after hounding my lunch...
Hoolie Blames the guy with the camera for farting... 
Rock Knocker's rock shop
Sharon working hard at 
Da Tourist Trap/Web store

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Hoolie daydreaming about summer after trying out his brand new Christmas
present March 2001,

Hoolie in his back yard with his Christmas present working on the dog path so the dogs can take a seething poop

Spring is here!
This my friends is a picture for all you people who want to move to da U.P.
April 2001 
Dancin' Dave working on our promo video
His eyes are open but he's actually sleeping

Bill-bob after working on da truck...
Scooter debates the customary licking of the leg acknowledgment 
Here I am (Bellmore) working on 
our web site...
Hoolie had just yelled, "Let's order Chinese
for lunch, Lynn's buying!"

People wonder what us Yoopers do up here in the Summer for recreation...
Here's a Yooper hunting for government beef in July....

Bill Tonge, Slick and Bill building the mining

Bill Tonge, retired mine boss (Mather B), cut all the timber sets himself and bossed the construction of the mining display

 Bill Tonge, Slick and Bill building the mining display

Billy and Dick Bird setting up "Big Gus" after its trip across Da Big Mack (da Mackinac Bridge) to its new home at Da Trap
The two big cheeses with a skinny mozzarella... 
Hoolie, Norm (our finacial advisor and Hoolie's soul mate) and Lynn Coffey (Hoolie's business partner and best friend)

Bill Tonge, our best friend who works on our big outside displays, and Kathy Ghiardi, our costume designer, along with Hoolie

Hoolie and family at da christmas party. During their first years of business,  Hoolie had the company at his house. These were the folks that did all the selling of our hits "Second Week of Deer Camp," and "Rusty Chevrolet." 
Jesse DeCaire (Hoolie's son and editor, left) Norm DeCaire (Hoolie's boss and our accountant, above center) Anna Gully (Hoolie's daughter and head assistant, right) and Hoolie DeCaire
(bottom center)

Hoolie and his right hand man Bill "I love you man" Langson

Lynn pretending to talk to a distributor

Jesse DeCaire working on Jackpine Savage. He has been working on albums since he was a little kid. You'll find him playing drums, bass, 6 string and vocals
Denise "Hoolie's Sister" at da checkout. Denise also travels with the band and handles our sales stuff
working like a dog..
wit da dog...
Lynn and Cowboy Dan sending out mailers to the radio stations
Cowboy Dan and Lynn painting the billboard outside the trap...
Cheap labor...
Hoolie had a party...
but nobody came
Good friend Glen Adams, who helps us on most of our albums. He has a great singing voice and Yooper spoken voice
Hoolie and Lynn, owners of Da Yoopers Tourist Trap and Band
Lynn in the studio workin' on piano parts for Jackpine Savage
Three blind mice in the studio: Bella,  Cowboy Dan and Jerry
Hoolie, da head guy at his desk. They won't give him pencils cause he might hurt himself

Bill-Bob at da Trap, working on mailers for the new CD

Sharon is our store manager...
What a good lookin' woman, eh!
She's packing catalog orders for you guys
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Da Home Front


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