None of you guessed the Yooper Innovation!
This sock is a Yooper innovation. 
It was used in an emergency by two 
real tough Yoopers.
What was it used for?
The Answer is at the bottom of the page, that way you may try to guess and also read these crazy answers first!
Here's some of the answers we've received.
Tha'sa easy one. COFFEY FILTER!
Michael Pares
Gotz to be a Yooper Potholder fer takin tings outta da fire when youse campin
Joe Kochevar - Ladysmith, WI
I think the sock was used to keep der' beer cold, when out in da' woods.
Melissa Cain...Ironwood, MI
Hey Hooliy,
   I'm thinking I saw that sock in The Porcupine Press and they wrote a story. In short two brothers were going to help the brother in-law drag a deer out, by Newberry. And DA mother in-law just had to go. They didn't even get to Munising before they had to stuff it in her mouth to shut her up. What I don't see is the duct tape they used to hold it in there. And the deer, was a nice eight pointer still in velvet.
Well, ya see we got a sock here. Knowin dat it was used dere in an emergency, must have been dose #2 emergencies out dere in da woods. Looks like a good hunting sock to me, so I figgures it's got to be round da fall time somewheres. We all know dat in da fall the leaves is perty dried up, and don't make too nice of a soft tissue at all, an judgin by da mark on da sock, it's got to be used as a quick fix fer da TP. Course, ya could use it as a kleenex too, but just make sure ya don't blow da nose in it after ya used it for wipin da hindside, eh? By da darkness of da spot, I'd say dey was drinkin' some a dem dark beers da night before.
Brian Marczak
Did they stick a condom in it and use it to carry water?????
Matt Steffen
That's a home made water filter so ya can drink the mud puddle water when ya run out a beer, to help cure your hangover.
Healy Scott J SSgt 62 LRS/LGRVM
possibly a strainer for coffee grounds?
Michael Bergeon
A toilet?
Ahhhhh, lemme see..... You know, maybe Eino and Hilda were makin' some chokecherry wine at one time, and dey forgot to get a strainer for takin' out da pits and skins, etc.
Yah! Dat must be it! Dis sock was used as a strainer, eh?
John C. Heikkila
This is an official yooper water purifier.
It was used as a weiner warmer or something like that.
I can't talk for da poor slobs who had to use it, but we were in a cituation where we needed (fresh) drinking water in da middle of winter. The power was off and no matches in sight. Sos we improvised filling it with fresh snow and by taking turns holding it between our thighs and letting the melted snow run off thru the end of the sock and into a used worm bait can. Once full, we had enough drinking water for everyone for days. And believe you me it lasted for days once we found out Joe had worn dem darn thing for two weeks.
Mike Ruesing - Schaumburg, Illinois
   Lots of people in the world are not right in the head, and a lot of them seem to be Yoopers. I mean this in a good way. I'm not right in the head either, as I like to roll in the snow naked after a suana. However, some people seem to think that sitting on a frozen lake and cutting holes in the ice is a great way to get fish. Why this is, I don't know. The local fish market is much closer and quiker. Anyway, I think some crazy Yoopers were out on one of them there frozen lakes when the ice somehow broke away and they started to drift away. So one of them crazy Yoopers takes off his sock and waves it around to get the attention of anyone trying to find them. The red top would be easy to spot.
John Videll.
  Well I aint ever been from da Yoo P, and I aint ever been to it, but I spent some time in Finland, the ancestral home of a lot of dem der yoopers, and I know what this was used for. Dem crazy Finns love the suana, and they love to go roll in the snow afterwards. However, sometimes the cold seems like it is to cold. So, me thinks a couple of crazy yoopers used this to protect certain male yooper parts so that they can make little yoopers with the little women after they roll in the snow and are trying to get warm again. That's what this is. Of course, why they would share it is beyond me thoughts.
John Videll, "Honorary Finn"
Dis sock was used by Eino and Hilda Sakamaki when dey were once trapped in a blizzard. Figuring it was dere last day on earth, dey wanted to make love for da very last time. Since dey already had six hugry kids at home, Hilda insisted dat Eino wear a condom. Dat is what dis sock was used for! 
John C. Heikkila
Used as a beach towel to wipe it up  ??
Love your and your music. missing the UP
Former yooper from esky
Bob Schermer
Arizona Highway Patrol
I think it was used as a butt wiping item. No explanation.
Dustin Johnson
I know exactly what it was used for and who used it even.
   Arnold and Arnie made the big mistake one night of bringing Arnolds now x wife along with them on a smelting excursion to the silver river in L'Anse. It seems that Thunder Thighs Thelma, after a six pack of Blatz, started ragging on the two misfit yoopers about everything under the sun. Well after about two or tree hours of her bitching Arnie couldn't take it no longer, so in an attempt to shuttin' her up he removed his boots tinkin' the smell of a freshly opened bag of Frito's laced with dog sitt would be enough for her to shut the hell up for fear of getting that oder in her mouth. Well needless to say all that did was piss her off even more and she got louder and then physical, beating on the poor old buggers with her spittoon. The two goomers were beat silly. So Arnold stopped the truck, got out and started to walk home and that left Arnie alone with Thelma. After a few more beers they started looking real good to each udder, and Arnie not wanting to be a Dad. Well the rest is pretty obvious.
Jerry. C
I tink dat sock was used by two tough yoopers to brew some coffee when da percolator was busted and dey was snowed in and couldn't get to da Shopco and buy annudder one. So dey fills it halfway wit coffee and sets it in a kettle wit da top half hanging out and held in place with da lid. Works best wit some of da coarser grinds, eh?
Holy Wah, whatta wake-up call!
Mark Sinicki
This has got to be a makeshift condom.
I think it is a beer strainer for when they make their home brew.
Thanks~Stephanie Johnson
Hey dere.
Was it used for toilet paper?
Naomi Savolainen
Easy, that thing was used as a condom when there was nuthin else around.
One of them new coffee filters we heard so much about



Hoolie and Mike had to run down to Ironwood, Michigan to pick up a load of lumber for Da Yoopers Tourist trap.
  After they got it all loaded up, da Yooper guy from da lumber yard said, 
"Ya know, you guys are gonna be stopped by da cops!"
Hoolie said, "Why's dat?"
Da guy said, "Cause dis lumber's stikin' out to far in dis pickup truck! Your supposed to have a red flag on da back of dis load."
Mike said, "Oh sit! I knew I forgot something!"
Da guy from da lumber yard said, 
"Hey, I'll trade you my sock I got on for a CD of da band!"
  So he took his sock off and nailed it to a 2" by 4" and away we went.
And dat's what dat sock was used for!

True Story!

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