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Send Us Your Salacious Scents!

That's right... Pass the wind...

Ahh... I mean word!

The expert Fartologists at Da Yoopers School for the Truly Ungifted have been called upon to assemble a collection of the sounds of the most obnoxious orders to permeate the planet. Now these professionals don't want the fake farts. You know, the armpit farts, the lip farts, whoopy cushion farts or those synthesized lame attempts. They're looking for the born of Aunt Helga's double baked bean casserole, nurtured in beer and pickled egg environment, hanging around until the peak of potency, earth busting eruptions of joy. The kind that make the guys at camp high-five and the kind little Harold sings about in the new song "If I Could Fart Like My Dad". Be proud, make 'em loud and record them for future generations enjoyment.

When you feel you have one ripe and ready to record break out the recording device. We accept cassettes, reel to reel, DAT, mini disc and videotape. Hold the microphone 4" to 6" away for the music and let 'er rip. Package up the tape, label it and send it to the professionals listed below for grading. Winning farts will receive a Da Yoopers Gift Set including a shirt, hat and a collection of music. A nifty certificate will also be included in the winners packets so you can prove to friends "Your sit doesn't stink, it sings".

Sit down with a baked bean delight, toss a few jummies down, and get to work...

We'll be watching for the tapes...

Send tapes to:

Hoolie's Fart Contest


Da Yoopers 
490 North Steel
Ishpeming, MI 49849

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