Da Yooper's 
"A Fart By Any Other Name"

We have terms like passing wind, flatus, wet one, bomber etc, but people are often reluctent to say the word fart. Here are some words in other languages for "fart."...

1. Afrikaansó maagwind 
2. Israelió nuhfeechah 
3. Japaneseó he 
4. Cantonese- fang 
5. Germanó furz 
6. Bantuó lu-suzi 
7. Hinduó pud 
8. Polishó pierdzenic 
9. Italian- peto 
10. Russianó perdun
The Canelos Indians of Ecuador are very scared of
their farts. Itís believed that their soul escapes with the gas. In order to ensure that the soul doesnít escape, a nearby person must hit the farter on the back three times after which the person who farted must prepare a feast.
King Louis XIV of France believed that he was paying the highest of compliments to anyone when he farted in their presence.
A supermarket employee in
Gresham Oregon made one of his co-workers so mad that he got sued. Tom Morgan sued his farting co-worker, Randy Maresh for $100,000. -Apparently Maresh would make a point of passing his gas as close to Morgan as he could get. Heíd go out of his way to find him in the store before letting go. Although we donít know the outcome of this case, we do know that Mareshís lawyer argued that farting is a method of expressive behavior and is therefore protected by the First Amendment.

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