Da Gang
Meet Da Yoopers...
Jim Hoolie DeCaire

Jim "Hoolie" DeCaire

Singer, songwriter, occasional drummer and leader of the band Da Yoopers.
Hoolie started his musical career with the famous yooper band Mutti and the Martians. DeCaire believes that all musicians are aliens by origin and that the band will eventually be picked up by an alien space ship. He is preparing the band to spend the rest of their lives playing music and spreading culture throughout the universe.

Lynn Coffey

Lynn-Too-Burger" Bellmore

Singer, keyboard player, bookings.
Lynn was discovered while playing organ at the local movie house in Ishpeming by Hoolie DeCaire. Hoolie was devastated when his old piano player ran off with a woman from Green Bay because she had a new pick up truck. Hoolie was so impressed by Lynn's fast hands he offered her $5.00 a show - she went for it.

Budda Schween

"Schween-Bella Bunna"

Singer, guitarist, songwriter.
Hoolie discovered
"Schween" playing his blazing
gaddar licks in an 80's psychobilly group called "The Metabolic Beavers". Hoolie was so intrigued by "Schween's" insistence that "all music died after the 60's and any music released other than 8-track tape or vinyl is crappola," that He hired him on the spot, not because "Schween" was so hot on the guitar, but because he is still waiting - with baited breath - for the next Hank Williams Sr. album to be released. He believes that Hank is still alive and living in Eben. Hoolie thought, 'this is dedication' and anyone who believes this  belongs with Da Yoopers group. 

Sy Symons

"No one calls me Bob" Symons

Body-man Bob came up with the concept of combining a fast-food restaurant with a body shop. Bob thought it would be neat if the customer could wait and eat while their cars were being fixed. He sunk his life savings into this venture, but never could afford to buy a microwave to thaw out the pasties and smelt. So, he went belly-up after the first week and now plays drums (occasionally with his lips) for Da Yoopers.

Reggie Lusardi


Singer, bassist.
Made famous playing bass for Elmo and the Gumps, which played all over Yooperland and spread their new style of heavy metal polka called Polka Metal. Sadly to say, the band broke up because of lack of jobs. He now hunts and fishes, farts on stage and performs with Da Yoopers.

Reggie Lusardi


Actor, Sales Table.
Matt graduated from Da Yoopers School for the Truly Ungifted with a bachelors degree in Gas Station Gourmet Foods 101. Da Yoopers hired Matt to manage their daily menus while they travel. He knows what beef sticks and microwaveable burritos are nutritionally good for his group and what type of pizza has the most to offer in the five basic food groups. He also acts and sells for the troupe.
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