Hoolie wonders if track 41 should have been moved to track 9 while I question If I should have burped instead of farted on track 31... the headache pills only achieved in giving me a considerable gut -ache...

We've worked hard in the studio on our latest Cd, a double CD in fact! Lots of songs and skits, great comedy, great musicianship, catchy tunes and to top it off, a great concept; 21st Century Yoopers In Space!
It all takes place in the future, a time when the earths fresh water is at an all time low, and Da Yooper crew of the space ship "Lougy II" are on a mission to protect the Great Lakes from water pirates, most notably, the despicable water pirate, Borus-Da-Sprinkler.
Of course the songs cover today's important worldly topics such as:
Fishing, hunting, beagles, beer, babes, etc, and feature Da Yoopers fine musicianship, along with other area Yooper musicians who are part of Da Yoopers recording team.

Here are a few reviews from fans:

From: JBGoode
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 1:42 PM
Subject: I luv yer new double-album!

When I picked up yer new double-album up at my local small-chain store, I took it home & listened to it & laffed my ass off to what has got to be da most ambitious (2 discs) yooper comedy record by far. I taught you'd not be able to top yer 1st concept album ("Songs for Fart Lovers"), but dis proves me wrong on dat.
I know dat Kim Lenten is not currently in da touring group, but I tink he SHOULD be, especially after proving his acting chops on da sketch "Bathroom 13 & a Turd".
I'm currently savin' up money so I can visit Yooperland wit a freind of mine (& his wife) someday.

From: falguy22
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2008 12:19 AM
Subject: double the fun!

I'm glad some bands r still doing concept albums! This one tops the charts! Love the music, and listening to the whole thing reminds me of radio from the 40's when they had all those shows, you'd sit back and listen and let your mind do the visualizing.
Great CD!
The Fall Guy

From: Goose7373
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2008 7:56 AM
Subject: hey

My kids love it too! Even the wife was singing along and laughing.

From: jeffstimebox
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 6:45 PM
Subject: my gut hurts!

You guys and gals are nuts! How can people be so funny and so talented at the same time? wonderful guitar and piano. The drums rock too. fine singing, AND FUNNY AS SH%#!
What next?

From: shellyjohn
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2009 8:33 PM
Subject: LOL!

First I open the cd, then i pop it in the player, then i sit back, then i laugh, tap my foot, laugh, tap my foot again for a while, laugh, dance for a while, laugh some more, then put the second cd in, then repeat the whole process. then it's over.what do i do now? Listen to it again!
thanks da yoopers! John H

Below are pics of some of Da Yooper's Recording Group at work...

Here's our good friend Goofus performing in our studio for our new album, 21st Century Yoopers In Space, "Da Water Wars." He played his "Polka-chella" and sang lead on two cuts, which really made those tunes alive and vibrant...

Here's our good friend JT performing some fine finger style guitar. He sang lead on "It's Cold," a tune he penned, and also on "Nimrod Nation," one of our cuts...

Here I am with our good friend Jerry Kippola in our studio. We were fortunate to have him perform some pedal steel for our new album, 21st Century Yoopers In Space, "Da Water Wars."
Ok, this was before he performed, I took advantage of the moment and had him work on my axe. Before he played I asked him not to show me up, of course he did though, he's so damn good...

Here's our good friend Fred Toriano and I (in between takes) performing in our studio for our new album (you guessed it), 21st Century Yoopers In Space, "Da Water Wars." He waxed magic after drinking a cola...

Here's our good pal Kim Lenten performing in our studio. We asked him to sing from da gut, 'cause dat's what we do...

Here's Hoolie's talented, golden throated Uncle Frankie Sarvello performing in our studio... this man's got one hell of a powerful voice!

Here's our good friend Ray Adamini performing in our studio for da album. Let me tell all you jazz, metal and fusion shredders out there,
I'm not kidding! In between takes I requested "Flight Of The Bumble Bee," he asked which key I wanted it in! I said any key, he then floored me with his own rendition!

Here I am preparing Ray for the song he's about to perform on,
" Ok Ray, It's like dis, da part should be fast, yet slow... hard, yet subtle... legato, yet staccato...
um, never mind, just play..."

Here's Ray and our long time friend Glen Adams. Glen is a fine musician and has graced many of our albums with his fine talents...

Here's our good friend Tanya Stanaway performing in da studio. She waxed magic after slapping Hoolie and I for burping...

Here's our good friend Sandy Longfellow performing in da studio. She took part in the intro for the CD...

Here's one of Da Yoopers and good friend Dill, he did some skits for the CD

Here's one of our hot drummers and good friend Jesse, he played some hot drums, sang lead on a tune and did some skits for the CD

Here's one of Da Yoopers and good friend Danglin' Dick-bird Bunce, he sang a bit and did some skits for the CD...

Here's our bass player and good friend Reg, he sang a tune and played some hot bass and did some skits for the CD

Here's Lynn, the tough female of the band, not to mention "the educated musician" of the group (she's always reminding us to watch our pitch) singing and playing for the CD

Here's our guitarist and good friend Jim Bel-- oh wait, it's me...
Here I am wondering If maybe I should have played nose flute instead of jaw harp on the song I'm mixing...

Besides singing and skitting, Hoolie performed some great drumming on this Cd, here he is laying down a beat to the song, "Rocket Boy"...

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